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Bitcoin 11 Years - Achievements, Lies, and Bullshit Claims So Far - Tooootally NOT a SCAM !!!!

That's right folks, it's that time again for the annual review of how Bitcoin is going: all of those claims, predictions, promises .... how many have turned out to be true, and how many are completely bogus ???
Please post / link this on Bitcoin (I am banned there for speaking the truth, so I cannot do it) ... because it'a way past time those poor clueless mushrooms were exposed to the truth.
Anyway, without further ado, I give you the Bitcoin's Achievements, Lies, and Bullshit Claims So Far ...
Bitcoin Achievements so far:
  1. It has spawned a cesspool of scams (2000+ shit coin scams, plus 100's of other scams, frauds, cons).
  2. Many 1,000's of hacks, thefts, losses.
  3. Illegal Use Cases: illegal drugs, illegal weapons, tax fraud, money laundering, sex trafficking, child pornography, hit men / murder-for-hire, ransomware, blackmail, extortion, and various other kinds of fraud and illicit activity.
  4. Legal Use Cases: Steam Games, Reddit, Expedia, Stripe, Starbucks, 1000's of merchants, cryptocurrency conferences, Ummm ????? The few merchants who "accept Bitcoin" immediately convert it into FIAT after the sale, or require you to sell your coins to BitPay or Coinbase for real money, and will then take that money. Some of the few who actually accept bitcoin haven't seen a customer who needed to pay with bitcoin for the last six months, and their cashiers no longer know how to handle that.
  5. Contributing significantly to Global Warming.
  6. Wastes vasts amounts of electricity on useless, do nothing work.
  7. Exponentially raises electricity prices when big miners move into regions where electricity was cheap.
  8. It’s the first "currency" that is not self-sustainable. It operates at a net loss, and requires continuous outside capital to replace the capital removed by miners to pay their costs. It’s literally a "black hole currency."
  9. It created a new way for people living too far from Vegas to gamble all their life savings away.
  10. Spawned "blockchain technology", a powerful technique that lets incompetent programmers who know almost nothing about databases, finance, programming, or blockchain scam millions out of gullible VC investors, banks, and governments.
  11. Increased China's foreign trade balance by a couple billion dollars per year.
  12. Helped the FBI and other law enforcement agents easily track down hundreds of drug traffickers and drug users.
  13. Wasted thousands if not millions of man-hours of government employees and legislators, in mostly fruitless attempts to understand, legitimize, and regulate the "phenomenon", and to investigate and prosecute its scams.
  14. Rekindled the hopes of anarcho-capitalists and libertarians for a global economic collapse, that would finally bring forth their Mad Max "utopia".
  15. Added another character to Unicode (no, no, not the "poo" 💩 character ... that was my first guess as well 🤣)
  16. Provides an easy way for malware and ransomware criminals to ply their trade and extort hospitals, schools, local councils, businesses, utilities, as well as the general population.
Correct Predictions:
  1. 2015-12: "1,000 dollar in 2015", u/Luka_Magnotta, aka time traveler from the future, 31-Aug-2013, https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1lfobc/i_am_a_timetraveler_from_the_future_here_to_beg/ (Technically, this prediction is WRONG because the highest price reached in 2015 was $495.56 according to CMC. Yes, Bitcoin reached $1,000 in 2013 and 2014, but that's NOT what the prediction says).
  2. 2017-12: "10,000 in 2017", u/Luka_Magnotta, aka time traveler from the future, 31-Aug-2013, https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1lfobc/i_am_a_timetraveler_from_the_future_here_to_beg/
  3. 2018-04: $10,000 (by April 2018), Mike Novogratz, link #1: https://www.bitcoinprice.com/predictions/, link #2: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-21/mike-novogratz-says-bitcoin-will-end-the-year-at-10-000
  4. 2018-12: $10,000 (by 2018), Tim Draper, link #1: https://www.bitcoinprice.com/predictions/, link #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AW5s6QkRRY
  5. Any others ? (Please tell me).
Bitcoin Promises / Claims / Price Predictions that turned out to be lies and bullshit:
  7. SAFE
  10. NOT A SCAM
  15. Be your own bank
  16. Regulation-proof
  19. Instantaneous transactions
  20. Fast transactions
  21. Zero / No transaction fees
  22. Low transaction fees
  23. A store of value
  24. A deflationary digital asset
  25. "A deflationary digital asset that no single human being can destroy."
  26. "an asset that is equally as dual use as a car, water, or any other traditional element that has existed."
  27. "Digital gold"
  28. Easy to use
  29. Cannot be stolen
  30. Cannot be hacked
  31. Can be mined by anyone
  32. Can be mined by anyone, even with an old computer or laptop
  33. Cannot be centralized
  34. Will return power back to the people.
  35. Not a Ponzi scam
  36. Not a Pyramid scam
  37. Never pay tax again
  38. Your gains cannot be taxed
  39. A currency
  40. An amazing new class of asset
  41. An asset
  42. A means to economic freedom
  43. A store of value
  44. The best investment the word has ever seen
  45. A great investment
  46. Efficient
  47. Scalable
  48. Stable
  49. Resilient
  50. Reliable
  51. Low energy
  52. Low risk
  53. Redistribute wealth to everybody
  54. No more have's and have not's
  55. No more US and THEM
  56. No more disadvantaged people
  57. No more RICH and POOR
  58. No more poor people
  59. Uses amazing new technology
  60. Uses ingenious new technology
  61. Satishi Nakamoto invented ...
  62. Segwit will solve all of Bitcoin's woes
  63. Lightning Network will solve all of Bitcoin's woes
  64. Limited by scarcity
  65. Can only go up in value
  66. Price cannot crash
  67. Has intrinsic value
  68. Value will always be worth more than cost to mine
  69. Adoption by investors is increasing exponentially
  70. Adoption by investors is increasing
  71. Adoption by merchants is increasing exponentially
  72. Adoption by merchants is increasing
  73. You are secure if you keep your coins on an exchange
  74. You are secure if you keep your coins in a hardware wallet
  75. You are secure if you keep your coins in an air-gapped Linux PC
  76. Will change the world
  77. "the next phase in human evolution"
  78. "Blockchain is more encompassing than the internet"
  79. Blockchain can solve previously unsolvable problems.
  80. "The only regulation we need is the blockchain"
  81. "Bank the unbanked"
  82. "To abolish financial slavery and the state's toxic monopoly on money."
  83. "To have better tools in the fight against the state violence and taxation."
  84. "To stamp information on a blockchain forever so we can bypass state censorship, copyrights, patents(informational monopolies) etc."
  85. Will destroy / overthrow FIAT
  86. Will destroy / overthrow the world's governments
  87. Will destroy / overthrow the banking system
  88. Will destroy / overthrow the world economies
  89. Will free people from tyranny
  90. Will give people financial freedom
  91. Will bring world peace
  92. Never going below $19K again
  93. Never going below $18K again
  94. Never going below $17K again
  95. Never going below $16K again
  96. Never going below $15K again
  97. Never going below $14K again
  98. Never going below $13K again
  99. Never going below $12K again
  100. Never going below $11K again
  101. Never going below $10K again
  102. Never going below $9K again
  103. Never going below $8K again
  104. Never going below $7K again
  105. Never going below $6K again
  106. Never going below $5K again
  107. Never going below $4K again
  108. Is NOT a Scam
  109. Hashing Power secures the Bitcoin network
  110. Untraceable, private transactions
  111. Guaranteed privacy
  112. Not created out of thin air
  113. Not created out of thin air by unregulated, unbacked entities
  114. Totally NOT a scam
  115. Is not used primarily by crimonals, drug dealers, or money launderers.
  116. 100% secure
  117. 2010 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  118. 2011 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  119. 2012 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  120. 2013 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  121. 2014 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  122. 2015 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  123. 2016 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  124. 2017 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  125. 2018 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  126. 2019 will be the "Year of Crypto"
  127. 2010: MASS ADOPTION any day now"
  128. 2011: MASS ADOPTION aany day now"
  129. 2012: MASS ADOPTION aaany day now"
  130. 2013: MASS ADOPTION aaaany day now"
  131. 2014: MASS ADOPTION aaaaany day now"
  132. 2015: MASS ADOPTION aaaaaany day now"
  133. 2016: MASS ADOPTION aaaaaaany day now"
  134. 2017: MASS ADOPTION aaaaaaaany day now"
  135. 2018: MASS ADOPTION aaaaaaaaany day now"
  136. 2019: MASS ADOPTION aaaaaaaaany day now"
  137. "Financial Freedom, bro."
  138. no single entity, government or individual, can alter or reverse its transactions
  139. insurance against the tyranny of state
  140. Bitcoin has come to destroy all governments and bring about the libertarian utopia of my dreams.
  141. The major issues in Bicoin's network will be fixed. This is still early days, Bitcoin has only been around for 2+ years.
  142. The major issues in Bicoin's network will be fixed. This is still early days, Bitcoin has only been around for 5+ years.
  143. The major issues in Bicoin's network will be fixed. This is still early days, Bitcoin has only been around for 7+ years.
  144. The major issues in Bicoin's network will be fixed. This is still early days, Bitcoin has only been around for 9+ years.
  145. 1,000's of predictions of skyrocketing and/or never falling prices
  146. Escape the petty rivalries of warring powers and nation states by scattering control among the many. The Bitcoin Cash debacle proves that even the most cryptographically secure plans of mice and men often go awry. Ref: https://www.reddit.com/Buttcoin/comments/9zfhb6/like_theres_only_one_flaw_with_buttcoin_crash/ea8s11m
  147. People will NEVER be able to welch out of bets or deals again. Nov-2018, Ref: https://www.reddit.com/Buttcoin/comments/9zvpl2/the_guy_who_made_the_1000_bet_that_btc_wouldnt/
  148. "Everything will be better, faster, and cheaper.", Brock Pierce, EOS.io shill video.
  149. "Everything will be more connected.", Brock Pierce, EOS.io shill video.
  150. "Everything will be more trustworthy.", Brock Pierce, EOS.io shill video.
  151. "Everything will be more secure.", Brock Pierce, EOS.io shill video.
  152. "Everything that exists is no-longer going to exist in the way that it does today.", Brock Pierce, EOS.io shill video.
  153. "Everything in this world is about to get better.", Brock Pierce, EOS.io shill video.
  154. You are a slave to the bankers
  155. The bankers print money and then you pay for it
  156. Bitcoin is The Peoples Money
  157. Bitcoin will set you free
  158. Bitcoin will set you free from the slavery of the banks and the government Ref: https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/cd2q94/bitcoin_shall_set_you_free/
  159. ~~Bitcoin is "striking fear into the hearts of bankers, precisely because Bitcoin eliminates the need for banks. ~~, Mark Yusko, billionaire investor and Founder of Morgan Creek Capital, https://www.bitcoinprice.com/predictions/
  160. "When transactions are verified on a Blockchain, banks become obsolete.", Mark Yusko, billionaire investor and Founder of Morgan Creek Capital, https://www.bitcoinprice.com/predictions/
  161. SnapshillBot quotes from delusional morons:
  162. "A bitcoin miner in every device and in every hand."
  163. "All the indicators are pointing to a huge year and bigger than anything we have seen before."
  164. "Bitcoin is communism and democracy working hand in hand."
  165. "Bitcoin is freedom, and we will soon be free."
  166. "Bitcoin isn't calculated risk, you're right. It's downright and painfully obvious that it will consume global finance."
  167. "Bitcoin most disruptive technology of last 500 years"
  168. "Bitcoin: So easy, your grandma can use it!"
  169. "Creating a 4th Branch of Government - Bitcoin"
  170. "Future generations will cry laughing reading all the negativity and insanity vomited by these permabears."
  171. "Future us will thank us."
  172. "Give Bitcoin two years"
  173. "HODLING is more like being a dutiful guardian of the most powerful economic force this planet has ever seen and getting to have a say about how that force is unleashed."
  174. "Cut out the middleman"
  175. "full control of your own assets"
  176. "reduction in wealth gap"
  177. "no inflation"
  178. "cannot print money out of thin air"
  179. "Why that matters? Because blockchain not only cheaper for them, it'll be cheaper for you and everyone as well."
  180. "If you are in this to get rich in Fiat then no. But if you are in this to protect your wealth once the current monetary system collapse then you are protected and you'll be the new rich."
  181. "Theres the 1% and then theres the 99%. You want to be with the rest thats fine. Being different and brave is far more rewarding. No matter your background or education."
  182. "NO COINERS will believe anything they are fed by fake news and paid media."
  183. "I know that feeling (like people looking at you as in seeing a celebrity and then asking things they don't believe until their impressed)."
  184. "I literally walk round everyday looking at other people wondering why they even bother to live if they don't have Bitcoin in their lives."
  185. "I think bitcoin may very well be the best form of money we’ve ever seen in the history of civilization."
  186. "I think Bitcoin will do for mankind what the sun did for life on earth."
  187. "I think the constant scams and illegal activities only show the viability of bitcoin."
  188. "I think we're sitting on the verge of exponential interest in the currency."
  189. "I'm not using hyperbole when I say Satoshi found the elusive key to World Peace."
  190. "If Jesus ever comes back you know he's gonna be using Bitcoin"
  191. "If this idea was implemented with The Blockchain™, it would be completely flawless! Flawless I tell you!"
  192. "If you're the minimum wage guy type, now is a great time to skip food and go full ramadan in order to buy bitcoin instead."
  193. "In a world slipping more and more into chaos and uncertainty, Bitcoin seems to me like the last solid rock defeating all the attacks."
  194. "In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any filthy statist's blessing, but because I am enlightened by own intelligence."
  195. "Is Bitcoin at this point, with all the potential that opens up, the most undervalued asset ever?"
  196. "It won't be long until bitcoin is an everyday household term."
  197. "It's the USD that is volatile. Bitcoin is the real neutral currency."
  198. "Just like the early Internet!"
  199. "Just like the Trojan Horse of old, Bitcoin will reveal its full power and nature"
  200. "Ladies if your man doesnt have some bitcoin then he cant handle anything and has no danger sex appeal. He isnt edgy"
  201. "let me be the first to say if you dont have bitcoin you are a pussy and cant really purchase anything worldwide. You have no global reach"
  202. "My conclusion is that I see this a a very good thing for bitcoin and for users"
  203. "No one would do such a thing; it'd be against their self interests."
  204. "Ooh lala, good job on bashing Bitcoin. How to disrespect a great innovation."
  205. "Realistically I think Bitcoin will replace the dollar in the next 10-15 years."
  206. "Seperation of money and state -> states become obsolete -> world peace."
  207. "Some striking similarities between Bitcoin and God"
  208. "THANK YOU. Better for this child to be strangled in its crib as a true weapon for crypto-anarchists than for it to be wielded by toxic individuals who distort the technology and surrender it to government and corporate powers."
  209. "The Blockchain is more encompassing than the internet and is the next phase in human evolution. To avoid its significance is complete ignorance."
  210. "The bull run should begin any day now."
  211. "The free market doesn't permit fraud and theft."
  212. "The free market will clear away the bad actors."
  213. "The only regulation we need is the blockchain."
  214. "We are not your slaves! We are free bodies who will swallow you and puke you out in disgust. Welcome to liberty land or as that genius called it: Bitcoin."
  215. "We do not need the bankers for Satoshi is our saviour!"
  216. "We have never seen something so perfect"
  217. "We must bring freedom and crypto to the masses, to the common man who does not know how to fight for himself."
  218. "We verified that against the blockchain."
  219. "we will see a Rennaisnce over the next few decades, all thanks to Bitcoin."
  220. "Well, since 2006, there has been a infinite% increase in price, so..."
  221. "What doesn't kill cryptocurrency makes it stronger."
  222. "When Bitcoin awake in normally people (real people) ... you will have this result : No War. No Tax. No QE. No Bank."
  223. "When I see news that the price of bitcoin has tanked (and thus the market, more or less) I actually, for-real, have the gut reaction "oh that’s cool, I’ll be buying cheap this week". I never knew I could be so rational."
  224. "Where is your sense of adventure? Bitcoin is the future. Set aside your fears and leave easier at the doorstep."
  225. "Yes Bitcoin will cause the greatest redistribution of wealth this planet has ever seen. FACT from the future."
  226. "You are the true Bitcoin pioneers and with your help we have imprinted Bitcoin in the Canadian conscience."
  227. "You ever try LSD? Perhaps it would help you break free from the box of state-formed thinking you have limited yourself..."
  228. "Your phone or refrigerator might be on the blockchain one day."
  229. The banks can print money whenever they way, out of thin air, so why can't crypto do the same ???
  230. Central Banks can print money whenever they way, out of thin air, without any consequences or accounting, so why can't crypto do the same ???
  231. It's impossible to hide illegal, unsavory material on the blockchain
  232. It's impossible to hide child pornography on the blockchain
  233. Fungible
  234. All Bitccoins are the same, 100% identical, one Bitcoin cannot be distinguished from any other Bitcoin.
  235. The price of Bitcoin can only go up.
  236. "Bubbles are mathematically impossible in this new paradigm. So are corrections and all else", John McAfee, 7 Dec 2017 @ 5:09 PM,https://mobile.twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/938938539282190337
  237. Scarcity
  238. The price of Bitcoin can only go up because of scarcity / 21 million coin limit. (Bitcoin is open source, anyone can create thir own copy, and there are more than 2,000+ Bitcoin copies / clones out there already).
  239. immune to government regulation
  240. "a world-changing technology"
  241. "a long-term store of value, like gold or silver"
  242. "To Complex to Be Audited."
  243. "Old Auditing rules do not apply to Blockchain."
  244. "Old Auditing rules do not apply to Cryptocurrency."
  245. "Why Bitcoin has Value: SCARCITY.", PlanB, Coin Shill, 22-Mar-2019, https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD/modeling-bitcoins-value-with-scarcity-91fa0fc03e25
  246. "Bitcoin is the first scarce digital object the world has ever seen, it is scarce like silver & gold, and can be sent over the internet, radio, satellite etc.", PlanB, Coin Shill, 22-Mar-2019, https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD/modeling-bitcoins-value-with-scarcity-91fa0fc03e25
  247. "Surely this digital scarcity has value.", PlanB, Coin Shill, 22-Mar-2019, https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD/modeling-bitcoins-value-with-scarcity-91fa0fc03e25
  248. Bitcoin now at $16,600.00. Those of you in the old school who believe this is a bubble simply have not understood the new mathematics of the Blockchain, or you did not cared enough to try. Bubbles are mathematically impossible in this new paradigm. So are corrections and all else", John McAfee, 7 Dec 2017 @ 5:09 PM,https://mobile.twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/938938539282190337
  249. "May 2018 will be the last time we ever see $bitcoin under $10,000", Charlie Shrem, bitcoin advocate and convicted felon, 11:31 AM 3-May-2018, https://twitter.com/CharlieShrem/status/992109375555858433
  250. "Last dip ever.", AngeloBTC, 14 Oct 2018, https://mobile.twitter.com/AngeloBTC/status/1051710824388030464/photo/1
  251. "Bitcoin May Have Just Experienced its Final Shakeout Before a Big Rally", Joseph Young, coin shill, October 15, 2018 22:30 CET, https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-may-have-just-experienced-its-final-shakeout-before-a-big-rally/
  252. Bitcoin would be a buy if the price fell under $5,000., Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor at Allianz, 29-Jun-2018, https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-a-buy-below-5000-says-allianz-chief-economic-adviso
  253. 2013-11-27: ""What is a Citadel?" you might wonder. Well, by the time Bitcoin became worth 1,000 dollar [27-Nov-2013], services began to emerge for the "Bitcoin rich" to protect themselves as well as their wealth. It started with expensive safes, then began to include bodyguards, and today, "earlies" (our term for early adapters), as well as those rich whose wealth survived the "transition" live in isolated gated cities called Citadels, where most work is automated. Most such Citadels are born out of the fortification used to protect places where Bitcoin mining machines are located. The company known as ASICminer to you is known to me as a city where Mr. Friedman rules as a king.", u/Luka_Magnotta, aka time traveler from the future, 31-Aug-2013, https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1lfobc/i_am_a_timetraveler_from_the_future_here_to_beg/
  254. 2018-02: Bitcoin price to hit $27,000 by February 2018, Trace Mayer, host of the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, and self-proclaimed entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and ardent defender, Link #1: https://mobile.twitter.com/TraceMayestatus/917260836070154240/photo/1, Link #2: https://www.bitcoinprice.com/predictions/
  255. 2018-06: "Bitcoin will surpass $15,000 in June [2018]." John McAfee, May 25, 2018, https://bitcoinist.com/john-mcafee-says-bitcoin-will-surpass-15000-in-june/
  256. 2018-07: Bitcoin will be $28,000 by mid-2018, Ronnie Moas, Wall Street analyst and founder of Standpoint Research, http://helpfordream.com/2018/12/23/5-bitcoin-price-predictions-gone-wrong/.
  257. 2018-12: Bitcoin to reach a price of between 40,000 and 110,000 US dollars by the end of the 2017 bull run ... sometime before 2019, Masterluc, 26-May-2017, an anonymous "legendary" Bitcoin trader, Link #1: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/YRZvdurN-The-target-of-current-bubble-lays-between-40k-and-110k/, Link #2: https://www.bitcoinprice.com/predictions/
  258. 2018-12: "There is no reason why we couldn’t see Bitcoin pushing $50,000 by December [2018]", Thomas Glucksmann, head of APAC business at Gatecoin, Link #1: https://www.bitcoinprice.com/predictions/
  259. 2018-12: Listen up you giggling cunts... who wants some?...you? you want some?...huh? Do ya? Here's the deal you fuckin Nerds - Butts are gonna be at 30 grand or more by next Christmas [2018] - If they aren't I will publicly administer an electronic dick sucking to every shill on this site and disappear forever - Until then, no more bans or shadow bans - Do we have a deal? If Butts are over 50 grand me and Lammy get to be mods. Deal? Your ole pal - "Skully" u/10GDeathBoner, 3-Feb-2018 https://www.reddit.com/Buttcoin/comments/7ut1ut/listen_up_you_giggling_cunts_who_wants_someyou/
  260. 2018-12: 1 bitcoin = 1 Lambo. Remind me on Christmas eve [2018] u/10GDeathBoner, 3-Feb-2018, https://www.reddit.com/Buttcoin/comments/7ut1ut/listen_up_you_giggling_cunts_who_wants_someyou/dtn2pna
  261. 2018-12: Been in BTC since 2014 and experienced many "deaths" of BTC... this too shall pass... $10k end of the year. [2018] u/Exxe2502, 30-Jun-2018 https://reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/8uur27/_/e1ioi5b/?context=1
  262. 2018-12: "Yale Alumni prediction - 30 Grand by Christmas [2018] - and you my friend... you will be the one eating Mcafee's dick in 2020. :) -:", u/SirNakamoto, 15-Jun-2018, https://www.reddit.com/Buttcoin/comments/8r0tyh/fdic_agrees_to_cover_bitcoin_losses_in_event_of/e0nzxq7
  263. 2018-12: "Impossible For Bitcoin Not to Hit $10,000 by This Year (2018)", Mike Novogratz, a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. partner, ex-hedge fund manager of the Fortress Investment Group and a longstanding advocate of cryptocurrency, 22-Sep-2018, https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/09/22/billionaire-novogratz-impossible-for-bitcoin-not-to-hit-10000-by-this-yea
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  265. 2018-12: "Bitcoin is going to be $15k-$20k by the end of the year (2018)", Didi Taihuttu, 1-Nov-2018, https://www.wsj.com/video/series/moving-upstream/the-bitcoin-gamble/85E3A4A7-C777-4827-9A3F-B387F2AB7654
  266. 2018-12: 2018 bitcoin price prediction reduced to $15,000 [was $25,000], Fundstrat's Tom Lee, 16-Nov-2018, https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/16/wall-streets-crypto-bull-tom-lee-slashes-year-end-forecast-by-10000.html
  267. 2018-12: "I want to be clear, bitcoin is going to $25,000 by year end (2018)", Fundstrat's Tom Lee, 5-Jul-2018, https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/07/05/tom-lee-i-want-to-be-clear-bitcoin-is-going-to-25000-by-year-end.html
  268. 2018-12: "Bitcoin could be at $40,000 by the end of 2018, it really easily could", Mike Novogratz, a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. partner, ex-hedge fund manager of the Fortress Investment Group and a longstanding advocate of cryptocurrency, 21-Sep-2018, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lC1anDg2KU
  269. 2018-12: "Bitcoin will be priced around $50,000 by the end of the year (2018)", Bitcoin bull Arthur Hayes, co-founder and CEO of BitMEX, 29-Jun-2018, https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/29/bitcoin-will-reach-50000-in-2018-says-founder-of-bitcoin-exchange.html
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  271. 2018-12: "Bitcoin will hit $100,000 this year (2018)", Kay Van-Petersen, an analyst at Saxo Bank, 17-Jan-2018, https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/16/bitcoin-headed-to-100000-in-2018-analyst-who-forecast-2017-price-move.html
  272. 2018-12: "Bitcoin price to surpass the $100,000 mark by the end of 2018", Tone Vays, 21-Sep-2017, https://www.ccn.com/prominent-bitcoin-trader-price-is-heading-towards-100000-in-2018/
  273. 2018-12: "Bitcoin’s Price Will Surpass the $100,000 Mark by the End of 2018", Anonymous ("author" obviously too embarrassed to put his name to such bullshit "articles"), Oct-2018, https://investingpr.com/bitcoin-price-predictions-for-2018/
  274. 2018-12: "Our [2018] year-end bitcoin target is $7700.", James Stefurak, Founder at Monarch Research. See article: "Experts Forecast Bitcoin will rise by 2019", REF: https://hackernoon.com/experts-forecast-bitcoin-will-rise-by-2019-f4af8807036b?gi=dfea3c30d6d8
  275. 2018-12: "... we’ll see the price rally reaching its all-time of high of around $20K before the end of 2018", Khaled Khorshid, Co-Founder at Treon ICO. See article: "Experts Forecast Bitcoin will rise by 2019", REF: https://hackernoon.com/experts-forecast-bitcoin-will-rise-by-2019-f4af8807036b?gi=dfea3c30d6d8
  276. 2018-12: Bitcoin will end 2018 at the price point of $50,000, Ran Neuner, host of CNBC’s show Cryptotrader and the 28th most influential Blockchain insider according to Richtopia,https://www.bitcoinprice.com/predictions/
  277. Plus a whole host of wrong 2019 predictions (could not be included here because of post character limit issues), so please see my earlier post from 4 days ago: Ummm, remember those "Expert" Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2019 ..... ohhhhh dear ....., https://www.reddit.com/Buttcoin/comments/eiqhq3/ummm_remember_those_expert_bitcoin_price/
But it's NOT all bad news, some claims and promises are yet to be determined:
  1. Never going below $3K again
  2. Never going below $2K again
  3. Never going below $1K again
  4. Any others ? Please let me know.
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Time Traveler's Predictions

Almost every time predictions are mentioned, someone will mention Time Traveler (see above link). I still see Time Traveler being mentioned in Bitcoin quite often. eg. yesterday.
Butter's thinks time traveller is really a time traveller, a genius, a prophet ....
But how accurate were his predictions ??
This prediction was completely wrong (and beyond delusional) because Bitcoin first reached $1000 on 27-Nov-2013 (CMC), and even 6 years later there's no sign of any of this non-sense:
This prediction is technically wrong because the highest price reached in 2015 was $495.56 according to CMC. Yes, Bitcoin reached $1,000 in 2013 and 2014, but that's NOT what the prediction says. However, I'm happy to give this a "pass" because Bitcoin reached $1,000 in 2013 and 2014:
This was correct:
Going to sure be interesting to see how these pan out (hint: not going to happen):
And as for this delusional rubbish after the last prediction (so 2022 onwards):
So basically no governments, no taxes, no economic growth, and Butter's is king and never has to work.
And on and on it goes .... the rest of his post of rambling non-sense .... all hogwash and the dreams of a desperate bagholder.
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Mockingbird X.0

Imagine if there was one desk that all stories could cross so that, at 4am, a media plan could be decided upon and disseminated where all news outlets coordinated to set the goalposts of debate and hyper focused on specific issues to drive a narrative to control how you vote and how you spend money; where Internet shills were given marching orders in tandem to what was shown on television, printed in newspapers and spread throughout articles on the World Wide Web.
In the past, we had Operation Mockingbird, where the program was supremely confident that it could control stories around the world, even in instructions to cover up any story about a possible “Yeti” sighting, should it turn out they were real.
If, in 1959, the government was confident in its ability to control a story about a Yeti, then what is their level of confidence in controlling stories, today?
In fact, we have a recent example of a situation similar to the Yeti. When Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on the TARMAC to spike the Hillary email investigation, the FBI was so confident it wasn’t them, that their entire focus was finding the leaker, starting with searching within the local PD. We have documentation that demonstrates the state of mind of the confidence the upper levels of the FBI have when dealing with the media.
The marriage between mainstream media and government is a literal one and this arrangement is perfectly legal.
But, this problem extends far beyond politics; the private sector, the scientific community, even advice forums are shilled heavily. People are paid to cause anxiety, recommend people break up and otherwise sow depression and nervousness. This is due to a correlating force that employs “systems psychodynamics”, focusing on “tension centered” strategies to create “organizational paradoxes” by targeting people’s basic assumptions about the world around them to create division and provide distraction.
In this day and age, it is even easier to manage these concepts and push a controlled narrative from a central figure than it has ever been. Allen & Co is a “boutique investment firm” that managed the merger between Disney and Fox and operates as an overseeing force for nearly all media and Internet shill armies, while having it’s fingers in sports, social media, video games, health insurance, etc.
Former director of the CIA and Paul Brennan’s former superior George Tenet, holds the reigns of Allen & Co. The cast of characters involves a lot of the usual suspects.
In 1973, Allen & Company bought a stake in Columbia Pictures. When the business was sold in 1982 to Coca-Cola, it netted a significant profit. Since then, Herbert Allen, Jr. has had a place on Coca-Cola's board of directors.
Since its founding in 1982, the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference has regularly drawn high-profile attendees such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch, Barry Diller, Michael Eisner, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Johnson, Andy Grove, Richard Parsons, and Donald Keough.
Allen & Co. was one of ten underwriters for the Google initial public offering in 2004. In 2007, Allen was sole advisor to Activision in its $18 billion merger with Vivendi Games. In 2011, the New York Mets hired Allen & Co. to sell a minority stake of the team. That deal later fell apart. In November 2013, Allen & Co. was one of seven underwriters on the initial public offering of Twitter. Allen & Co. was the adviser of Facebook in its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp in February 2014.
In 2015, Allen & Co. was the advisor to Time Warner in its $80 billion 2015 merger with Charter Communications, AOL in its acquisition by Verizon, Centene Corporation in its $6.8 billion acquisition of Health Net, and eBay in its separation from PayPal.
In 2016, Allen & Co was the lead advisor to Time Warner in its $108 billion acquisition by AT&T, LinkedIn for its merger talks with Microsoft, Walmart in its $3.3 billion purchase of Jet.com, and Verizon in its $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo!. In 2017, Allen & Co. was the advisor to Chewy.com in PetSmart’s $3.35 billion purchase of the online retailer.
Allen & Co throws the Sun Valley Conference every year where you get a glimpse of who sows up. Harvey Weinstein, though a past visitor, was not invited last year.
Previous conference guests have included Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren and Susan Buffett, Tony Blair, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Allen alumnus and former Philippine Senator Mar Roxas, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Quicken Loans Founder & Chairman Dan Gilbert, Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang, financier George Soros, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, eBay CEO Meg Whitman, BET founder Robert Johnson, Time Warner Chairman Richard Parsons, Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell, NBA player LeBron James, Professor and Entrepreneur Sebastian Thrun, Governor Chris Christie, entertainer Dan Chandler, Katharine Graham of The Washington Post, Diane Sawyer, InterActiveCorp Chairman Barry Diller, Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman, entrepreneur Wences Casares, EXOR and FCA Chairman John Elkann, Sandro Salsano from Salsano Group, and Washington Post CEO Donald E. Graham, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and Oprah Winfrey.
George Tenet, with the reigns of Allen & Co in his hands, is able to single-handedly steer the entire Mockingbird apparatus from cable television to video games to Internet shills from a singular location determining the spectrum of allowable debate. Not only are they able to target people’s conscious psychology, they can target people’s endocrine systems with food and pornography; where people are unaware, on a conscious level, of how their moods and behavior are being manipulated.
"The problem with George Tenet is that he doesn't seem to care to get his facts straight. He is not meticulous. He is willing to make up stories that suit his purposes and to suppress information that does not."
"Sadly but fittingly, 'At the Center of the Storm' is likely to remind us that sometimes what lies at the center of a storm is a deafening silence."
Tenet joined President-elect Bill Clinton's national security transition team in November 1992. Clinton appointed Tenet Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council, where he served from 1993 to 1995. Tenet was appointed Deputy Director of Central Intelligence in July 1995. Tenet held the position as the DCI from July 1997 to July 2004. Citing "personal reasons," Tenet submitted his resignation to President Bush on June 3, 2004. Tenet said his resignation "was a personal decision and had only one basis—in fact, the well-being of my wonderful family—nothing more and nothing less. In February 2008, he became a managing director at investment bank Allen & Company.
We have the documentation that demonstrates what these people could possibly be doing with all of these tools of manipulation at their fingertips.
The term for it is “covert political action” for which all media put before your eyes is used to serve as a veneer… a reality TV show facade of a darker modus operandum.
It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever costs. There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto acceptable norms of human conduct do not apply. If the US is to survive, longstanding American concepts of "fair play" must be reconsidered. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services and must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever, more sophisticated means than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people be made acquainted with, understand and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.
Intelligence historian Jeffrey T. Richelson says the S.A. has covered a variety of missions. The group, which recently was reorganized, has had about 200 officers, divided among several groups: the Special Operations Group; the Foreign Training Group, which trains foreign police and intelligence officers; the Propaganda and Political Action Group, which handles disinformation; the Computer Operations Group, which handles information warfare; and the Proprietary Management Staff, which manages whatever companies the CIA sets up as covers for the S.A.
Scientology as a CIA Political Action Group – “It is a continuing arrangement…”: https://mikemcclaughry.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/scientology-as-a-cia-political-action-group-it-is-a-continuing-arrangement/
…Those operations we inaugurated in the years 1955-7 are still secret, but, for present purposes, I can say all that’s worth saying about them in a few sentences – after, that is, I offer these few words of wisdom. The ‘perfect’ political action operation is, by definition, uneventful. Nothing ‘happens’ in it. It is a continuing arrangement, neither a process nor a series of actions proceeding at a starting point and ending with a conclusion.
CIA FBI NSA Personnel Active in Scientology: https://i.imgur.com/acu2Eti.png
When you consider the number of forces that can be contained within a single “political action group” in the form on a “boutique investment firm,” where all sides of political arguments are predetermined by a selected group of actors who have been planted, compromised or leveraged in some way in order to control the way they spin their message.
The evidence of this coordinated effort is overwhelming and the “consensus” that you see on TV, in sports, in Hollywood, in the news and on the Internet is fabricated.
Under the guise of a fake account a posting is made which looks legitimate and is towards the truth is made - but the critical point is that it has a VERY WEAK PREMISE without substantive proof to back the posting. Once this is done then under alternative fake accounts a very strong position in your favour is slowly introduced over the life of the posting. It is IMPERATIVE that both sides are initially presented, so the uninformed reader cannot determine which side is the truth. As postings and replies are made the stronger 'evidence' or disinformation in your favour is slowly 'seeded in.'
Thus the uninformed reader will most likely develop the same position as you, and if their position is against you their opposition to your posting will be most likely dropped. However in some cases where the forum members are highly educated and can counter your disinformation with real facts and linked postings, you can then 'abort' the consensus cracking by initiating a 'forum slide.'
When you find yourself feeling like common sense and common courtesy aren’t as common as they ought to be, it is because there is a massive psychological operation controlled from the top down to ensure that as many people as possible are caught in a “tension based” mental loop that is inflicted on them by people acting with purpose to achieve goals that are not in the interest of the general population, but a method of operating in secret and corrupt manner without consequences.
Notice that Jeffrey Katzenberg, of Disney, who is intertwined with Allen & Co funds the Young Turks. He is the perfect example of the relationship between media and politics.
Katzenberg has also been involved in politics. With his active support of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he was called "one of Hollywood's premier political kingmakers and one of the Democratic Party's top national fundraisers."
With cash from Jeffrey Katzenberg, The Young Turks looks to grow paid subscribers:
Last week, former DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg’s new mobile entertainment company WndrCo was part of a $20 million funding round in TYT Network, which oversees 30 news and commentary shows covering politics, pop culture, sports and more. This includes the flagship “The Young Turks” program that streams live on YouTube every day. Other investors in the round included venture capital firms Greycroft Partners, E.ventures and 3L Capital, which led the round. This brings total funding for Young Turks to $24 million.
How Hollywood's Political Donors Are Changing Strategies for the Trump Era:
Hollywood activism long has been depicted as a club controlled by a handful of powerful white men: Katzenberg, Spielberg, Lear, David Geffen, Haim Saban and Bob Iger are the names most often mentioned. But a new generation of power brokers is ascendant, including J.J. Abrams and his wife, Katie McGrath, cited for their personal donations and bundling skills; Shonda Rhimes, who held a get-out-the-vote rally at USC's Galen Center on Sept. 28 that drew 10,000 people; CAA's Darnell Strom, who has hosted events for Nevada congresswoman Jacky Rosen and Arizona congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema; and former Spotify executive Troy Carter, who held three fundraisers for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous (Carter also was a fundraiser for President Obama).
Soros Group Buys Viacom's DreamWorks Film Library:
Viacom, after splitting off from Les Moonves Les Moonves ' CBS , still holds Paramount Pictures, and that movie studio in December agreed to acquire DreamWorks SKG, the creative shop founded by the Hollywood triumvirate of Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg (a former exec at The Walt Disney Co.). DreamWorks Animation had been spun off into a separate company.
Now it's time for Freston to make back some money--and who better to do a little business with than George Soros? The billionaire financier leads a consortium of Soros Strategic Partners LP and Dune Entertainment II LLC, which together are buying the DreamWorks library--a collection of 59 flicks, including Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, and American Beauty.
The money you spend on media and junk food and in taxes goes to these groups who then decide how best to market at you so that they decide how you vote by creating a fake consensus to trick into thinking that you want something other than what is best for you; but will inevitably result in more money being funneled to the top, creating further separation between the super rich and the average person. The goal will be to assert creeping authoritarianism by generating outrage against policies and issues they hate. Part of manipulating your basic assumptions is also to use schadenfreude (think canned laughter on TV) against characters who support the cause that might actually do you the most good (which reaffirms and strengthens your confirmation biased along predetermined political lines).
We have a population being taught to hate socialism and love capitalism when the truth is no country is practicing either. These terms are merely disguises for political oligarchies where the collection of wealth is less about getting themselves rich and more about keeping everyone else poor.
What can you guess about the world around you if it turned out that every consensus that was forced on you was fake?
How much money would it take to make it look like 51% of the Internet believed in completely idiotic ideas? Combine shill operations with automation and AI’s, and the cost becomes a good investment relative to the return when measured in political power.
Even the people who are well intentioned and very vocal do not have to consciously be aware that they are working for a political action group. A covert political group will always prefer an unwitting tool to help push their agenda, so that they can remain in the shadows.
FDA Admonishes Drug Maker Over Kim Kardashian Instagram Endorsement https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkroll/2015/08/11/fda-spanks-drug-maker-over-kim-kardashian-instagram-endorsement/#25174a29587b
The OSS files offer details about other agents than famous chef, Julia Child; including Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, major league catcher Moe Berg, historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., and actor Sterling Hayden. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/26186498/ns/us_news-security/t/julia-child-cooked-double-life-spy/
USA Today: Businesses and organizations may refer to it as a tool for competitive advantage and marketing; but make no mistake http://archive.is/37tK3
Shareblue accounts caught in /politics posting links to Shareblue without disclosing their affiliation http://archive.is/7HAkr
Psy Group developed elaborate information operations for commercial clients and political candidates around the world http://archive.is/BBblQ
Top mod of /Mechanical_Gifs tries to sell subreddit on ebay for 999.00 dollars. http://archive.is/kU1Ly
Shill posts picture of a dog in a hammock with the brand clearly visible without indicating that it's an ad in the title of the post http://archive.is/Mfdk9
Arstechnica: GCHQs menu of tools spreads disinformation across Internet- “Effects capabilities” allow analysts to twist truth subtly or spam relentlessly. http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/07/ghcqs-chinese-menu-of-tools-spread-disinformation-across-internet/
Samsung Electronics Fined for Fake Online Comments http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/10/24/samsung-electronics-fined-for-fake-online-comments/?_r=0
Discover Magazine: Researchers Uncover Twitter Bot Army That’s 350 http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/2017/01/20/twitter-bot-army/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A%20DiscoverTechnology%20%28Discover%20Technology%29#.WIMl-oiLTnA
Times of Israel - The internet: Israel’s new PR battlefield http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-rise-of-digital-diplomacy-could-be-changing-israels-media-image/
Time: Social Media Manipulation? When “Indie” Bloggers and Businesses Get Cozy http://business.time.com/2013/04/22/social-media-manipulation-when-indie-bloggers-and-businesses-get-cozy/
Content-Driven Detection of Campaigns in Social Media [PDF] http://faculty.cs.tamu.edu/caverlee/pubs/lee11cikm.pdf
the law preventing them from using this in America was repealed http://foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/14/u-s-repeals-propaganda-ban-spreads-government-made-news-to-americans/
Redditor who works for a potato mailing company admits to being a shill. He shows off his 27 thousand dollars he made in /pics
Screenshot of post since it was removed. http://i.imgur.com/k9g0WF8.png
Just thought I'd contribute to this thread http://imgur.com/OpSos4u
CNN: A PR firm has revealed that it is behind two blogs that previously appeared to be created by independent supporters of Wal-Mart. The blogs Working Families for Wal-mart and subsidiary site Paid Critics are written by 3 employees of PR firm Edelman http://money.cnn.com/2006/10/20/news/companies/walmart_blogs/index.htm
Vice: Your Government Wants to Militarize Social Media to Influence Your Beliefs http://motherboard.vice.com/read/your-government-wants-to-militarize-social-media-to-influence-your-beliefs
BBC News: China's Internet spin doctors http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7783640.stm
BBC News: US plans to 'fight the net' revealed http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4655196.stm
Wall Street Journal: Turkey's Government Forms 6 http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887323527004579079151479634742?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424127887323527004579079151479634742.html
Fake product reviews may be pervasive http://phys.org/news/2013-07-fake-product-pervasive.html#nRlv
USA Today: The co-owner of a major Pentagon propaganda contractor publicly admitted that he was behind a series of websites used in an attempt to discredit two USA TODAY journalists who had reported on the contractor. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/military/story/2012-05-24/Leonie-usa-today-propaganda-pentagon/55190450/1
ADWEEK: Marketing on Reddit Is Scary http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/marketing-reddit-scary-these-success-stories-show-big-potential-168278
BBC- How online chatbots are already tricking you- Intelligent machines that can pass for humans have long been dreamed of http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140609-how-online-bots-are-tricking-you
BBC news: Amazon targets 1 http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34565631
BBC: More than four times as many tweets were made by automated accounts in favour of Donald Trump around the first US presidential debate as by those backing Hillary Clinton http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-37684418
Fake five-star reviews being bought and sold online - Fake online reviews are being openly traded on the internet
Bloomberg: How to Hack an Election [and influence voters with fake social media accounts] http://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-how-to-hack-an-election/
"Internet Reputation Management http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2008-04-30/do-reputation-management-services-work-businessweek-business-news-stock-market-and-financial-advice
Buzzfeed: Documents Show How Russia’s Troll Army Hit America http://www.buzzfeed.com/maxseddon/documents-show-how-russias-troll-army-hit-america#.ki8Mz97ly
The Rise of Social Bots http://www.cacm.acm.org/magazines/2016/7/204021-the-rise-of-social-bots/fulltext
CBC News- Canadian government monitors online forums http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/bureaucrats-monitor-online-forums-1.906351
Chicago Tribune: Nutrition for sale: How Kellogg worked with 'independent experts' to tout cereal http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-kellogg-independent-experts-cereal-20161121-story.html
DailyKos: HBGary: Automated social media management http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/02/16/945768/-UPDATED-The-HB-Gary-Email-That-Should-Concern-Us-All
Meme Warfare Center http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tfulltext/u2/a507172.pdf
Shilling on Reddit is openly admitted to in this Forbes article http://www.forbes.com/sites/julesschroede2016/03/10/the-magic-formula-behind-going-viral-on-reddit/#1d2485b05271
Forbes: From Tinder Bots To 'Cuban Twitter' http://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2014/04/17/from-tinder-bots-to-covert-social-networks-welcome-to-cognitive-hacking/#4b78e2d92a7d
Hivemind http://www.hivemind.cc/rank/shills
Huffington Post- Exposing Cyber Shills and Social Media's Underworld http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-fiorella/cyber-shills_b_2803801.html
The Independent: Massive British PR firm caught on video: "We've got all sorts of dark arts...The ambition is to drown that negative content and make sure that you have positive content online." They discuss techniques for managing reputations online and creating/maintaining 3rd-party blogs that seem independent. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/caught-on-camera-top-lobbyists-boasting-how-they-influence-the-pm-6272760.html
New York Times: Lifestyle Lift http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/15/technology/internet/15lift.html?_r=1&emc=eta1
New York Times: Give Yourself 5 Stars? Online http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/23/technology/give-yourself-4-stars-online-it-might-cost-you.html?src=me&ref=general
NY Times- From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/07/magazine/the-agency.html?_r=1
NY Times: Effort to Expose Russia’s ‘Troll Army’ Draws Vicious Retaliation http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/31/world/europe/russia-finland-nato-trolls.html?_r=1
PBS Frontline Documentary - Generation Like http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/generation-like/
Gamers promote gaming-gambling site on youtube by pretending to hit jackpot without disclosing that they own the site. They tried to retroactively write a disclosure covering their tracks http://www.pcgamer.com/csgo-lotto-investigation-uncovers-colossal-conflict-of-interest/
Raw Story: CENTCOM engages bloggers http://www.rawstory.com/news/2006/Raw_obtains_CENTCOM_email_to_bloggers_1016.html
Raw Story: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/02/18/revealed-air-force-ordered-software-to-manage-army-of-fake-virtual-people/
Redective http://www.redective.com/?r=e&a=search&s=subreddit&t=redective&q=shills
Salon: Why Reddit moderators are censoring Glenn Greenwald’s latest news story on shills http://www.salon.com/2014/02/28/why_reddit_moderators_are_censoring_glenn_greenwalds_latest_bombshell_partne
The Atlantic: Kim Kardashian was paid to post a selfie on Instagram and Twitter advertising a pharmaceutical product. Sent to 42 million followers on Instagram and 32 million on Twitter http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/09/fda-drug-promotion-social-media/404563/
WAR.COM: THE INTERNET AND PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS http://www.theblackvault.com/documents/ADA389269.pdf
The Guardian: Internet Astroturfing http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/libertycentral/2010/dec/13/astroturf-libertarians-internet-democracy
The Guardian: Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war http://www.theguardian.com/media/2006/nov/20/mondaymediasection.israel
Operation Earnest Voice http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2011/ma17/us-spy-operation-social-networks
The Guardian: British army creates team of Facebook warriors http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jan/31/british-army-facebook-warriors-77th-brigade
The Guardian: US military studied how to influence Twitter [and Reddit] users in Darpa-funded research [2014] http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/08/darpa-social-networks-research-twitter-influence-studies
The Guardian: Chinese officials flood the Chinese internet with positive social media posts to distract their population http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/may/20/chinese-officials-create-488m-social-media-posts-a-year-study-finds
Times of Israel: Israeli government paying bilingual students to spread propaganda online primarily to international communities without having to identify themselves as working for the government. "The [student] union will operate computer rooms for the project...it was decided to establish a permanent structure of activity on the Internet through the students at academic institutions in the country." http://www.timesofisrael.com/pmo-stealthily-recruiting-students-for-online-advocacy/
USA Today: Lord & Taylor settles FTC charges over paid Instagram posts http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2016/03/15/lord--taylor-settles-ftc-charges-over-paid-instagram-posts/81801972/
Researcher's algorithm weeds out people using multiple online accounts to spread propaganda - Based on word choice http://www.utsa.edu/today/2016/10/astroturfing.html
Wired: Powered by rapid advances in artificial intelligence http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2015/06/wired-world-2015/robot-propaganda
Wired: Clinton Staff and Volunteers Busted for Astroturfing [in 2007] http://www.wired.com/2007/12/clinton-staff-a/
Wired: Pro-Government Twitter Bots Try to Hush Mexican Activists http://www.wired.com/2015/08/pro-government-twitter-bots-try-hush-mexican-activists/
Wired: Microsoft http://www.wired.com/2015/09/ftc-machinima-microsoft-youtube/
Wired: Military Report: Secretly ‘Recruit or Hire Bloggers’ http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2008/03/report-recruit/
Wired: Air Force Releases ‘Counter-Blog’ Marching Orders http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/01/usaf-blog-respo/
Reddit Secrets https://archive.fo/NAwBx
Reddit Secrets https://archive.fo/SCWN7
Boostupvotes.com https://archive.fo/WdbYQ
"Once we isolate key people https://archive.is/PoUMo
GCHQ has their own internet shilling program https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Threat_Research_Intelligence_Group
Russia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State-sponsored_Internet_sockpuppetry
US also operates in conjunction with the UK to collect and share intelligence data https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UKUSA_Agreement
Glenn Greenwald: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/
Glenn Greenwald: Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/07/14/manipulating-online-polls-ways-british-spies-seek-control-internet/
Here is a direct link to your image for the benefit of mobile users https://imgur.com/OpSos4u.jpg
Reddit for iPhone https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reddit-the-official-app/id1064216828?mt=8
Why Satoshi Nakamoto Has Gone https://medium.com/@ducktatosatoshi-nakamoto-has-gone-4cef923d7acd
What I learned selling my Reddit accounts https://medium.com/@Rob79/what-i-learned-selling-my-reddit-accounts-c5e9f6348005#.u5zt0mti3
Artificial intelligence chatbots will overwhelm human speech online; the rise of MADCOMs https://medium.com/artificial-intelligence-policy-laws-and-ethics/artificial-intelligence-chatbots-will-overwhelm-human-speech-online-the-rise-of-madcoms-e007818f31a1
How Reddit Got Huge: Tons of Fake Accounts - According to Reddit cofounder Steve Huffman https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/how-reddit-got-huge-tons-of-fake-accounts--2
Whistleblower and subsequent investigation: Paid trolls on /Bitcoin https://np.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/34m7yn/professional_bitcoin_trolls_exist/cqwjdlw
Confession of Hillary Shill from /SandersForPresident https://np.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/3rncq9/confession_of_hillary_shill_from/
Why do I exist? https://np.reddit.com/DirectImageLinkerBot/wiki/index
Already a direct link? https://np.reddit.com/DirectImageLinkerBot/wiki/res_links
Here's the thread. https://np.reddit.com/HailCorporate/comments/3gl8zi/that_potato_mailing_company_is_at_it_again/
/netsec talks about gaming reddit via sockpuppets and how online discourse is (easily) manipulated. https://np.reddit.com/netsec/comments/38wl43/we_used_sock_puppets_in_rnetsec_last_year_and_are
Redditor comes clean about being paid to chat on Reddit. They work to promote a politician https://np.reddit.com/offmychest/comments/3gk56y/i_get_paid_to_chat_on_reddit/
Shill whistleblower https://np.reddit.com/politics/comments/rtr6b/a_very_interesting_insight_into_how_certain/
Russian bots were active on Reddit last year https://np.reddit.com/RussiaLago/comments/76cq4d/exclusive_we_can_now_definitively_state_that/?st=j8s7535j&sh=36805d5d
The Bush and Gore campaigns of 2000 used methods similar to the Chinese government for conducting “guided discussions” in chatrooms designed to influence citizens https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/3xhoq8/til_the_advent_of_social_media_offers_new_routes/?st=j0o5xr9c&sh=3662f0dc
source paper. https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/4d3l3s/government_agents_and_their_allies_might_ente
or Click Here. https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/4kdq7n/astroturfing_information_megathread_revision_8/?st=iwlbcoon&sh=9e44591e Alleged paid shill leaks details of organization and actions.
Shill Confessions and Additional Information https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/5pzcnx/shill_confessions_and_additional_information/?st=izz0ga8r&sh=43621acd
Corporate and governmental manipulation of Wikipedia articles https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/5sb7pi/new_york_times_corporate_editing_of_wikipedia/?st=iyteny9b&sh=b488263f
Ex -MMA fighter and ex-police officer exposes corrupt police practices https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/6jn27s/ex_mma_fighter_and_expolice_officer_exposes/
User pushes InfoWars links on Reddit https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/6uau99/chemicals_in_reddit_are_turning_memes_gay_take/?st=j6r0g2om&sh=96f3dbf4
Some websites use shill accounts to spam their competitor's articles https://np.reddit.com/TheoryOfReddit/comments/1ja4nf/lets_talk_about_those_playing_reddit_with/?st=iunay35w&sh=d841095d
User posts video using GoPro https://np.reddit.com/videos/comments/2ejpbb/yes_it_is_true_i_boiled_my_gopro_to_get_you_this/ck0btnb/?context=3&st=j0qt0xnf&sh=ef13ba81
Fracking shill whistleblower spills the beans on Fracking Internet PR https://np.reddit.com/worldnews/comments/31wo57/the_chevron_tapes_video_shows_oil_giant_allegedly/cq5uhse?context=3
Directorate of Operations
October 16, 1964
Subject: After action report of
Operation CUCKOO (TS)

1) Operation CUCKOO was part of the overall operation CLEANSWEEP, aimed at eliminating domestic opposition to activities undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency's special activities division, in main regard to operation GUILLOTINE.

2) Operation CUCKOO was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Defense and the office of The President of the United States as a covert domestic action to be under taken within the limits of Washington D.C as outlined by Secret Executive Order 37.

3) Following the publishing of the Warren Commission, former special agent Mary Pinchot Meyer (Operation MOCKINGBIRD, Operation SIREN) also was married to Cord Meyer (Operation MOCKINGBIRD, Operation GUILLOTINE) threatened to disclose the details of several Special Activities Divisions' operations, including but not limited to, Operation SIREN and GUILLOTENE.
4) It was deemed necessary by senior Directorate of Operations members to initiate Operation CUCKOO as an extension of Operation CLEANSWEEP on November 30th. After Mary Pinchot Meyer threatened to report her knowledge of Operation GUILLOTENE and the details of her work in Operation SIREN from her affair with the former President.

5) Special Activities Division was given the green light after briefing president Johnson on the situation. The situation report was forwarded to the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of staff, who both approved of the parameters of the operation, as outlined under article C of secret executive order 37 (see attached copy of article).
6) 8 members of the special activities division handpicked by operation lead William King Harvey began planning for the operation on October 3rd, with planned execution before October 16th.

7) The (?) of the operation was set as the neighborhood of Georgetown along the Potomac river, where the operators would observe, take note on routines, and eventually carry the operation.

8) After nothing Meyer's routines, Edward "Eddy" Reid was picked as the operation point man who would intersect Meyer on her walk on October 12th, with lead William King Harvey providing long range support if necessary from across the Chesapeake and Ohio canal (see illustration A for detailed map).

9) Edward Reid was planned to be dressed in the manner of a homeless black man, due to his resemblances to local trash collector (later found out to be Raymond Crump) who inhabits the AO and the path that Reid was planned to intersect Meyer.
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Bitcoin Gemini Exchange Review 2020

Bitcoin Gemini Exchange Review 2020
If you are planning to place assets into cryptographic types of cash like Bitcoin or Ether, in any case, you do not understand where to start, this Gemini exchange review will help you with choosing.
Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Review 2020
You need yourself to be a productive advanced cash intermediary. By what technique will you become? To help you here's an exchange review, which will give every one of you the low down information required for a powerful enthusiasm for one of the most trusted in stages the Gemini Exchange.
We should find all the more right currently review
Gemini Review :
About Gemini Exchange
Twin kin developed Gemini Winklevoss in the year 2014. The Gemini exchange is arranged in New York. The Gemini crypto exchange is open in essentially all US states, similarly as UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong. In 2016, Gemini transformed into the world's recently approved Ether exchange.
It positions 82th greatest exchange on earth as showed by 24-hour volume on Coinmarketcap. While Gemini Bitcoin and Gemini Ethereum trading volumes are high, the exchange is endeavoring with all undertakings to fight with those stages offering a predominant piece of the cryptographic types of cash, for instance, Binance.
Reinforced Currencies
Gemini offers crypto to fiat portions and a BTC/ETH grandstand, which makes it a quick contender to any similarity to Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken. At present, it is one of the most respected and ensure about exchanges open. This is in light of the fact that it has more features to help secure customers against developers. Also, it is one exchange for the CBOE Bitcoin future settlement. Gemini Mobile application is directly available, which is amazingly basic and versatile to use.
How to use Gemini?

1) Go to the official site and snap the "Register" tab on the upper right corner.
Enter your name, email address, and mystery word for your own record. While affirming your email address, it is critical to :
Affirm your email address and enter both your region and phone number, by then you can set up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) which will be an additional layer of security to your record.
Incorporate your monetary equalization. Starting at now, Gemini recognizes simply bank moves and wires, as a methodology for putting away holds.
To check your record, move your organization ID proof. This will help you with executing and trade US Dollars. Moreover, it will help Gemini with as per the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules. The affirmation time may run from a couple to a couple of days.
Subsequent to completing of all the above strategies, you can use your record for financing.
gemini crypto exchange
2) Deposit Currency
In the Menu, click Transfer Funds, by then find a good pace Bank Transfer and Exchange. Enter the whole you have to store here. Moreover, note $500 consistently is the most extraordinary most extreme for Bank moves.
3) Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum
As you store by methods for bank move, they are quickly available for trading. you can purchase by encountering the menu and picking your supported trading pair. For example, for Bitcoin BTC/USD similarly as Ethereum ETH/USD.
In the wake of embeddings the expense and sum it will process your buy demand. There is another choice to trade by methods for the business community which has exhibit orders gave by various customers.
After the fulfillment of your purchase, your record will be acknowledged with your Ethereum just as Bitcoin purchases. You can sell your computerized cash on the Gemini crypto exchange. Regardless of the way that you can't make a withdrawal until your bank move has been completely arranged.
gemini sponsor organization
4)Trading Limits
By and by, For most trade strategies, there are no limitations on trades. In any case, Automated Clearing House (ACH) moves have the greatest store most remote purpose of $500 day and $15,000 consistently for singular record holders. Associations have a state of restriction for making ACH stores of $10,000 consistently or $300,000 consistently.
Gemini Marketplace
There is a Gemini business focus that runs 24*7. Here, you can have indistinguishable number of solicitations from you wish to have, with a variety of trading choices. These include:
Market Orders – With the present best open worth, the solicitations here starting dealing with quickly against resting orders.
Purpose of repression Orders – The sum is filled at or better than a given expense. The sum which isn't dispatched lays on the solicitation book diligently until it is filled or dropped.
Brief or Cancel (IOC) Limit Orders – The sum is filled at or better than a given expense. The sum which isn't filled rapidly is dropped and doesn't lay on the perpetual solicitation book.
Maker or Cancel (MOC) Limit Orders – The sum lays on the solicitation book continually at a foreordained expense. Furthermore, the entire solicitation is dropped if there is any sum that can be filled immediately.
All solicitations made on this stage are totally sponsored and fill in as a full hold exchange. In any case, there is no edge trading Gemini. Despite that, reliably the customer's record equality should have more balance than the exceptional excitement on demand books. Also, all open solicitations decline your available leveling until they are fulfilled or dropped
Gemini Fees
In the event that there ought to be an event of moves, Gemini crypto exchange has a low cost technique and stage customers can store Bitcoin, Ether, at freed from charges for both bank and wire moves. In any case, banks will charge a cost for the customers to wire money to their Gemini account. Withdrawals on the stage are free and all customers will have 30 free withdrawals for each calendar month.
Any withdrawals more than this total will pull in costs comparable to the mining charges payable on either sort out. The costs are around 0.001 BTC or 100,000 Satoshi per trade on the Bitcoin Network and 0 GWei or 0 ETH per trade on the Ethereum Network.
MakeTaker charges
0.25% is the trading costs for both sellers(makers) and buyers(takers). If it shows up at certain trade volumes, charges will be reduced. The maker charge is 0% for 30-day trading volumes that outperform 5,000 Bitcoin or 100,000 Ether. For a comparable trading entirety, the taker run after will bubble to 0.10%.
Gemini uses dynamic maker and taker charge or reimbursement timetable, and sellers can get reimbursement on liquidity-creation trades. The particular entireties depend upon net trading volumes and the buy and sell extent over a multi day time allotment. The data are adjusted as expected and more information on charges can be found here.

Concerning purchases, the base purchase whole for Bitcoin is 0.00001 BTC, or 1000 satoshis, for Ether, the base sum is 0 .001 ETH
Bitcoin Gemini Reviews, is a strong exchange that has a better than average reputation in everyone. The exchange goes about as a way into the universe of cryptographic cash trading. This may be in light of the fact that various customers first quit concerning purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum. In comprehension to Coinbase, Gemini has a near space. Wherein it allows its customers to make trade clearly to and from their records.
Gemini is a not too bad choice, for people looking to securely trade either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The exchange is a potential decision for new competitors to the market similarly as logically settled sellers who like to make trades by methods for their monetary adjusts.
Latest News
Dec 17, 2019: Well realized cash related pro association State Street picked Gemini exchange for the new propelled asset pilot adventure.
Nov 19, 2019: Gemini exchange wanders into NFT's and acquired Nifty Gateway Solution, a phase to buy Non-Fungible Tokens.
Nov 14, 2019: The exchange added Stop-Limit to the solicitations being executed on the stage.
Sep 11, 2019: Gemini dispatches Gemini Custody with 18 cryptographic types of cash
Sep 5, 2019: Gemini Clearing™, a totally electronic clearing and settlement answer for off-exchange exhibited by the stage
Aud 27, 2019: Gemini Joins the Silvergate Exchange Network
Aug 22, 2019: Gemini loosens up and reaches to Australia
April 15, 2019: Gemini wallet support Segwit
Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Review
Rundown: How to Buy Bitcoins by means of Gemini
Register a record at Gemini and check email code sent to you.
Set up two-factor validation (2FA).
Give checked ID as a major aspect of the confirmation procedure.
Include ledger.
Store cash by clicking "Move Funds", "Store into Exchange" and afterward picking the sort of bank move.
Snap "Purchase" catch and round out the buy structure to get BTC.
Is Gemini Safe?
Gemini is extremely worried about its clients' wellbeing, in this manner it utilize three arrangements of security...
Gemini Comparison with Other Exchanget
To exchange bitcoins you have to initially peruse and think about various BTC trades...
In Which Countries Is Gemini Available?
You can arrange bitcoins through Gemini nearly in any nation, yet discover where you can't...
Guide: Buying BTCs at Gemini
It is anything but difficult to purchase bitcoins on Gemini trade, knowing the essential standards and prerequisites...
Discover to what extent the exchange takes, how to pull back BTCs and what strategies for...
Practically equivalent to Bitcoin Exchanges
We have arranged a rundown of trades, notwithstanding Gemini, that can assist you with requesting bitcoins...
With developing worth and system, bitcoin is ready to turn into the main online resource in the realm of ventures.
Gemini bitcoin trade survey
This article is worried about one of the most well known trades with regards to BTC exchange, Gemini.
What Is Gemini?
Gemini is one of the realized digital money trades that offer an assortment of exchange apparatuses for speculators that have some involvement with the business. The organization that claims the stage is enrolled as LLC in New York State, USA, offering USD to BTC and USD to ETH exchange trade.
Purchase BTC at Gemini
Propelled in 2015, Gemini offers two unmistakable commercial centers, them being:
customary trade administrations;
bitcoin barters.
Upon its appearance, the stage offered its administrations in the US just, bit by bit including different nations all the while. The organization is possessed by the Winklevoss twins, who guarantee that they are have about 1% of the complete BTC volume.
Winklevoss siblings are Gemini's proprietors
Gemini Security
With regards to the wellbeing of your assets, Gemini applies three arrangements of safety efforts that should be referenced. To start with, the stage applies advanced money safety efforts by offering hot and cold stockpiling wallets, where cold wallets have multisig capacities to forestall hacking endeavors at your equalizations.
Gemini security
The subsequent measure is identified with the exchange where the entirety of the exchanges at Gemini are led through pre-financed accounts, implying that merchants and purchasers can't post orders on the off chance that they don't have adequate BTC or fiat monetary forms in their parities. Finally, the site security comprises of two-factor verification (2FA) and HTTP encryption of all data in regards to merchants and stage's exchanges from outsiders.
Accessible Payment Methods
As of now, Gemini acknowledges stores communicated distinctly in ACH (for US dealers) and wire moves (for every other person) communicated in USD. Credit or check cards, money stores, PayPal and numerous different alternatives are wanted to be remembered for the future however are not accessible at the present time.
Buy bitcoin by means of wire move
You ought to buy in to the Gemini news source since the organization will promote the new store strategy through that channel of correspondence.
Shouldn't something be said about Fees?
While saving or pulling back your assets communicated in fiat or computerized monetary forms, dealers would find that the administrations are done totally free. Then again, Gemini charges exchange expenses are charged dependent on a month to month net exchange volume. Taker charges can extend from 0.15% to 0.25% while creator expenses from 0% to 0.25%.
Expenses at the trade
Does Gemini Have Limits?
Cryptographic money and wire stores and withdrawals don't have any constraints forced on dealers, implying that in the event that you utilize the said administrations, you can buy, sell and pull back bitcoins with no deterrents. Singular American financial specialists utilizing ACH move, then again, have $500 every day and $15.000 month to month while institutional individuals have $10.000 day by day and $300.000 month to month store limits.
No restrictions for purchasing bitcoin
Gemini Comparison
When thinking about exchanging at any trade, you should hope to analyze the administrations, expenses and impediments with other comparative stages. In this manner, we have assembled an examination investigation where we benchmarked Gemini against two other well known decisions with regards to BTC buy: Kraken and Coinbase.
Gemini versus Kraken
Kraken, much the same as Gemini, acknowledges bank moves just, with the significant contrast being that Kraken permits 5 fiat cash stores. Notwithstanding bitcoin, there are 14 more altcoins that you can exchange with at Kraken while the two trades force check on their customers as they are both controlled organizations.
Gemini versus Kraken
Kraken is fundamentally the same as Gemini as far as expenses, as creatotaker charges go somewhere in the range of 0% and 0.26%. Bank moves do accompany little expenses at Kraken while Gemini acknowledges stores for nothing. In conclusion, while Gemini exchanges two or three nations in particular, Kraken is all around accessible.
Coinbase versus Gemini
Coinbase is viewed as one of the biggest bitcoin suppliers on the planet, offering its administrations in 32 nations, USA notwithstanding. The installment strategies at Coinbase are PayPal, bank moves and credit/check cards, two more than Gemini.
Request bitcoins by means of Coinbase trade
Confirmation is an absolute necessity have at Coinbase, much like in Gemini while expenses are a ton lower at Gemini, as you pay between 1.49% to 3.49% from exchange's an incentive at Coinbase. The two trades offer BTC vaults and wallet administrations while Coinbase additionally exchanges with Litecoin which are inaccessible at Gemini.
Gemini BTC Exchange in Different Countries
Gemini's administrations are accessible in a bunch of nations around the globe, them being the US (5 states not upheld), Canada, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The five US expresses that are not bolstered are Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon and Wisconsin.
Gemini trade in various nations
Is It Legal?
Gemini is an American LLC that adheres to New York Banking Law guidelines, actualizing BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) and AML (Anti-Money Laundry Compliance Program) arrangements, implying that customary reviews of the BSA/AML programs are being executed. Moreover, the firm requires all merchants to have reserves pre-saved before the exchange.
Bitcoin Gemini Price, is legitimate
Another significant factor of the stage's lawfulness is the way that since its beginning, Gemini has promptly accessible money related report dating 7 years back.
Does Gemini Support Its Customers?
Concerning the client service, Gemini has a thorough FAQ page where a large portion of the exchanging questions have been replied. Notwithstanding the FAQ, you can likewise top off a shape and present a solicitation to the Gemini group with respect to any issue that you may look on the stage.
Gemini client service
Because of the regular upkeep of the site's administrations, Gemini has a "Status" page where financial specialists can see which administrations and API instruments are working right now and which are definitely not.
Manual for Buy Bitcoins from Gemini
When you have gotten the cash at your Gemini account, click "Purchase" button on the dashboard page.
Buy page for bitcoins at Gemini
Presently, round out the structure on the right, giving request type, volume or estimation of BTC you wish to get and click "Purchase" to get bitcoins in your record immediately. Try to check the BTC cost at the upper left piece of the "Purchase" page to ensure it has not changed at the time you have begun the buy procedure.
It is totally allowed to enroll a record at Gemini bitcoin trade and the procedure begins once you click "Register" button at the upper right corner of the site. Give your complete name, email address and secret key in subsequent stage and snap "Make My Account".
Make account at Gemini
You will get an email code which you should duplicate glue into the Gemini's check page.
Contribution of enactment code on Bitcoin Gemini Registration
The accompanying advances will open up for you to finish, in this way you have to arrangement your 2FA security apparatus, include a financial balance and give checked ID to finish the enrollment methodology.
To what extent Should I Wait for Verification?
Check stage can take between an hour and a day, contingent upon various enlistment applications Gemini has right now you have begun the procedure. You ought to set up every single essential report before you start and arm yourself with persistence as a stage would set aside effort to process your data.
Confirmation process at Gemini
Would you be able to Get Bitcoins Without Verification?
At the enlistment page, you are required to check your personality and frog your financial balance. When you have presented the records, you can't enter the stage's exchange page until the help affirms your subtleties. In this way, it is unimaginable to expect to buy supply of bitcoins without confirmation.
Obligatory confirmation before purchasing BTCs at Gemini
How to Add Money to Account?
When you have finished the enrollment and confirmation of your record, click button "Move Funds", situated in the top segment of your dashboard page. In following stage, click "Store Into Exchange" and pick either USD or Wire alternative, contingent upon what financial balance you have included at enrollment stage.
Add assets to Gemini account
You can likewise store bitcoins in your Gemini wallet too.
Store BTCs in the Gemini wallet
At the last phase of wire move subsidizing process, you have to give bank's wiring data, for example, your record number and other significant data that can be found by clicking "Bank Settings".
Give bank's wiring data
When data has been given, basically click "Store" button which will show up at the base of the page.
Secure Your Account
Keep the entirety of your record and wallet passwords out of the programmer's compass by continually evolving them. Monitor the new secret key by keeping in touch with them down on a bit of paper as to not overlook them meanwhile.
Record with 2FA on trade
You as of now have 2FA from the enlistment stage and don't give your private data to some other dealer on the stage.
To what extent Does It Take to Make Transaction?
It takes 4 to 5 days to store assets in your Gemini account while exchanges themselves are done following you the exchange started. Diverse request types have distinctive length, contingent upon what dealer wishes to accomplish.
Sitting tight for exchanges on the trade
Would i be able to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal at Gemini?
Now, brokers can't utilize PayPal as store technique at Gemini. You ought to buy in to the trade's news channel as to get warnings if the strategy opens up to store alternative later on.
Does Gemini Have a BTC Wallet?
The stage offers two kinds of wallet administrations, one being "hot" wallet and another being vault stockpiling. Both are based just, with the principle contrast being that vault stockpiling gives extra security keys that are utilized while moving bitcoins all through the wallet. Along these lines, vault administrations are esteemed as more secure than the standard BTC wallet.
Gemini wallet
Pulling back Your Bitcoins from Gemini
At the dashboard page, click "Move Funds" and afterward "Pull back From Exchange" to begin the procedure. Pick bitcoins to continue towards the withdrawal structure. Determine the measure of BTC you with to escape the trade and give your wallet address. Snap "Survey Withdrawal" and check the data. When you are fulfilled, click "Affirm" to end the procedure. Your coins will show up inside 24 hours to your ideal area.
Pull back BTC from Gemini
Instructions to Order BTC with Credit/Debit Card at Gemini
As with PayPal, it is preposterous to expect to buy bitcoins with the assistance of credit or charge cards at Gemini, since the choice isn't accessible right now. Stay aware of trade's news and declarations as the CC/DC choice may open up later on.
Gemini Mobile App
Portable stages are yet to be created by Gemini, implying that exchange is accessible on perusing stage as it were. Watch out for the declaration, as the organization may make the push towards telephone exchange not so distant future.
Purchase BTC just on Gemini perusing stage
Gemini Analogs
Aside from Gemini, we at BitcoinBestBuy have checked on numerous different stages that can assist you with getting bitcoins effectively and securely. They all change regarding local accessibility, expenses, buy strategies and confirmation necessities, so make a point to check different articles also.
Get BTC at digital money stages
Coinbase Exchange Review
Being one of the biggest BTC exchanging stages the world, we made a survey of their charges, store choices and other important data with respect to the trade. We have likewise given bit by bit controls on the best way to buy and pull back assets and coins from Coinbase.
Coinbase survey
Full Review Coinbase Bitcoin Gemini Exchange
Find out About Kraken
Kraken is another trade that offers bitcoins through bank moves and its administrations are all inclusive accessible. We made a survey of Kraken's advantages and disadvantages, giving our customers a diagram of the trade as far as expenses the organization charges, check prerequisites and buy procedures of the stage.
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2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Sell In May And Go Away?

05-APR-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Bull Market…?
20-APR-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Easter Update
12-MAY-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Sell In May And Go Away?
17-JUN-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Solstice Update
28-JUL-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Inflection Point
26-OCT-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Trick or Treat…?
24-NOV-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Thanksgiving Update
24-DEC-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Christmas Update
Since the orthodox bear market low on 06-FEB-2019, the Bitcoin markets have surged to an average 125% gain in approx 100 days approaching mid-MAY. The 3-month rally has now retraced a Fibonacci 23.6% of the entire 2018 bear market. True to form, the bull market has exerted itself in a parabolic rise.
From an Elliott Wave perspective, five waves appear to have completed as follows:
+ Wave-1: 24-FEB - Wave-2: 27-FEB + Wave-3: 23-APR - Wave-4: 25-APR + Wave-5: 12-MAY (?) 
Given the comparative magnitude and timeframe of the aforementioned waves, the waves are now being considered as MINOR degree. Barring any wave extensions, it appears five MINOR waves have completed, and thus completing the first INTERMEDIATE degree wave of the bull market. A wave of INTERMEDIATE degree usually elapses from weeks to months towards completion.
The expectation now suggests the first notable pullback of the bull market to imminently commence, unfolding in a three wave A-B-C structure. The following are averaged target zones for the pullback, using BITSTAMP prices:
@5400: approx 50% Fibonacci retracement of 06-FEB to 11-MAY rally (minimum expected decline zone). @4888: approx 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of 06-FEB to 11-MAY rally (average expected decline zone). @4155: approx 78.6% Fibonacci retracement of 06-FEB to 11-MAY rally (maximum expected decline zone). 
The first notable pullback of the 2015-2017 bull market retraced approx 78.6% in size, elapsing approx 6 months until late AUG-2015.
A decline to the 06-FEB low would terminate the proposed wave structure, and quite possibly the bull market.
Once the pullback completes, the third and most powerful wave of the 2019+ bull market ought to commence towards the psychological $10,000 level and beyond.
BITSTAMP Resistance Zones: 7510, 8500, 9440, 11395, 13350 BITSTAMP Support Zones: 7030, 6900, 6410, 5920, 5215, 4320 
Since 2016, both the stockmarket and Bitcoin markets have been in synchronisation: both started bull markets in 2016, both had bear markets in 2018, both resumed bull markets in 2019.
Seasonally, the “Sell In May And Go Away” adage is currently being expressed in the stockmarket.
Since the beginning of May, the Dow Jones has declined 4.50% —the largest decline since the 2019 bull market commenced.
Should the Bitcoin markets decline in MAY, a continued synchronisation may suggest further declines in the stockmarket.
A break below the 25-MAR low of 25,370 in the Dow Jones may suggest further declines, a break below the 11-MAR low of 25,200 would confirm a stockmarket pullback to be underway. If so, an approx 10% decline in the stockmarket towards Dow Jones 24,000 may be expected, followed by resumption of the bull market to new all-time highs. A rise above Dow Jones 26,500 ought to obviate the “Sell In May And Go Away” adage.
Analysis is speculative, and charts are indicative of price/structure —not time. The projections may occur sooner or later than anticipated, perhaps not at all…!
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Deloitte: Blockchain Reduces Risk, Improves Innovation, and Creates Value for Businesses

Deloitte: Blockchain Reduces Risk, Improves Innovation, and Creates Value for Businesses
Global accounting powerhouse Deloitte has released a report showing the growth and dynamism of blockchain technology. The findings follow a survey of leading executives in a dozen countries conducted in February 2019.
Blockchain technology has had an exciting evolution. Currently, many companies are looking for ways to implement blockchain transparency and immutability in their operations. Accordingly, the blockchain is moving from the fringe entity it was previously to now being front and center in corporate strategies.
Cryptocurrency is generally a massive success story. However, leading coins like Bitcoin have had their fair share of highs and lows in recent years. This kind of inconsistency tends to put off certain types of investors who are sticklers for stability.
Slowly but surely, blockchain technology is distinguishing itself for its utility value. The fates of crypto and blockchain technology no longer appear to be as intertwined as it seemed at their inceptions. Even governments like China, which have stringent regulations on cryptocurrency trading, are now actively researching distributed ledger technology (DLTs).

Blockchain Disruption is Growing

The uncertainty about the viability of blockchain technology is decreasing. Leading executives acknowledge that the technology is real and that blockchain solutions can be part and parcel of their future business models.
As per the Deloitte report, 53% of executives see blockchain technology as a critical part of their business in 2019. This figure marks a 10-point increase from last year. Even more important is the fact that there is a 40% rise in executives willing to invest $5 million or more in new blockchain initiatives over the next twelve months.
Over time, blockchain technology has displayed impressive diversification in its use-cases. The practicality of its solutions, especially in supply chain and data management, continues to draw accolades. This level of depth and maturity has won over industry leaders from various sectors.
Still, the level of actual deployment does not tally with the enthusiasm around blockchain. With every innovation, potential adopters display a reasonable level of skepticism about long-term viability. Among the executives, a significant 43% think that blockchain technology is overhyped. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find some of these executives full of praise for blockchain but still hedging until they see more development.

The Big Picture

Various industries have seen blockchain utility causing an immediate impact. Fintech is a leading success story from the blockchain age. Combining artificial intelligence and the transparency of blockchain has resulted in Fintech startups that can become the next Silicon Valley unicorn.
The bottom line is that an overwhelming majority of respondents view blockchain as broadly scalable and believe that it will eventually achieve widespread adoption. A compelling business case for blockchain is a prerequisite for such sentiment. This sentiment is proof of blockchain’s maturity and resilience over the years.
Existing concerns range from replacing or adapting current legacy systems to regulatory hurdles, and even uncertainty about return on investment. Going forward, it will be fascinating to see what the skeptical executives in particular think of the innovation.
According to the Deloitte survey, most respondents see potential upsides in business model/value chain innovation as some key blockchain advantages. Blockchain technology continues to distinguish itself. With the introduction of smart contracts in 2015, blockchain is now a treasure trove for developers.
Decentralized applications (dApps) are a dynamic tool to create trustless transactions. Going into 2020, LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report finds that the job of a blockchain developer ranks high on the list of top emerging jobs alongside others like A.I. specialists and robotic process automation consultants.
As such, blockchain is set to become one of the hottest fields next year. Whether as a developer, investor, or casual participant, a lot is going on for everyone.

Government Adoption of DLTs

Much of the skepticism around cryptocurrency stemmed from the fact that governments across the world sought to either ignore or regulate this field in a pessimistic manner. The fact that China is now warming up to DLTs could be a sign of the changing times.
Government adoption of blockchain can be another watershed moment for this innovation. With possible applications in areas such as healthcare and supply chain management, this technology could genuinely explode.
India is yet another country with a strict policy on crypto trading. The India Times reported on Nov. 27, 2019 about an exciting development relating to DLTs: India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology intends to embrace blockchain technology, adopting a national strategy.

What Blockchain Adoption Might Mean for Crypto

India and China’s evolving attitudes are a testament to the resilience of the blockchain. India has banned crypto trading for sovereignty reasons, volatility, and its inability to serve the functions of regular currencies.
The move to embrace blockchain technology might have the domino effect of a change in attitudes towards cryptocurrency. Institutional investors, in particular, are keen to be on the safe side of regulators.
Western governments led by the USA have to take a more assertive role in the development of this sector. If the likes of China take a leading role in moving blockchain forward, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the developed world follows suit.
Countries that have a blockchain-friendly environment include Estonia, Malta, Switzerland, the USA, China, and the U.K. This list is from a Consensys research report published in November 2019. These countries have different levels of blockchain implementation in the government and public sectors. Estonia was the first country to implement blockchain at a national level, with blockchain testing going as far back as 2008. Malta is also an important blockchain hub, given its suitable regulatory regime.

The Importance of the US Market and Blockchain Adoption

Because of its economic size, the USA is a very consequential market for blockchain technology. Government adoption is already impressive. For example, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) invested $49 million to build A.I. and blockchain solutions. These solutions will cut operational backlog and costs. States like Arizona, Illinois, and Delaware also have different measures to incorporate blockchain technology into their activities.
Government adoption can be a lifeline for blockchain technology. However, like every other aspect of commerce, private enterprise will be the key to a global blockchain presence. The rise of giant corporations like Amazon, Apple, and Samsung shows the potential of such an enterprise.
With the appropriate regulatory environment in place, such corporations can make a difference through blockchain. Blockchain’s greatest asset is its transparency, and this trait can come in handy for companies with supply-chain management needs.
The reduction of personnel costs is something any company seeking to increase profitability will always look at. Blockchain technology is an opportunity to cut these costs while improving efficiency.

The Future of Blockchain

For any innovation, the challenge is always whether it can live up to the hype. The dot com bubble is everlasting proof that many tech wonder stories don’t live up to their marketing. This phenomenon is the one issue blockchain has had to answer throughout its growth, and will continue to address in the future.
So far, so good. After all, blockchain has got to where it is despite the lack of mainstream marketing other innovations have enjoyed. The fact that it grew while seeming like it was joined at the hip to Bitcoin meant that it had to have a long acceptance curve. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency — an idea which many had a tough time understanding.
As 2020 approaches, blockchain is taking an increasingly prominent position in global commerce. It is one of the most exciting fields for all stakeholders.
Blockchain represents a new way of doing business, management, and even tracking value, and startups are at the forefront of this new era. Therefore, it is not overly generous to state that blockchain technology has a bright future. With more industry leaders giving it the green light, it is now time to seriously look for opportunities in this sector. In the future, it will be fascinating to see the heights to which this industry scales.
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QuadrigaCX: A history of suspicious activity

This is a compilation of everything suspicious I found with Quadriga. Please let me know if there’s anything incorrect or missing

Early History (2013-2017)
All account fundings are considered to be purchases of QuadrigaCX Bucks. These are units that are used for the purposes of purchasing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. QuadrigaCX Bucks are NOT Canadian Dollars. Any notation of $, CAD, or USD refers to an equivalent unit in QuadrigaCX Bucks, which exist for the sole purpose of buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
QuadrigaCX is NOT a financial institution, bank, credit union, trust, or deposit business. We DO NOT take Deposits. We exist solely for the purposes of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Banking troubles throughout 2018

Period leading up to Gerry’s death

Gerry’s death and announcement

Chain analysis of the crypto trapped in cold storage

Formal Active Investigations

Quadriga’s History
CCN Article listing suspicious activity
Court Documents
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2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Easter Update

05-APR-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Bull Market…?
20-APR-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Easter Update
12-MAY-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Sell In May And Go Away?
17-JUN-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Solstice Update
28-JUL-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Inflection Point
26-OCT-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Trick or Treat…?
24-NOV-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Thanksgiving Update
24-DEC-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Christmas Update
Since the 15-DEC-2018 low, the Bitcoin markets have rebounded with a 75% gain into Easter 2019 —quite a resurrection from the 2018 bear market which saw an 85% decline in value. With price action unfolding in impulsive waves thus far, it is becoming increasingly apparent to suggest a bull market is underway.
A simple Eggiott Wave model would propose a five wave structure, consisting of three advancing bull market waves, interwoven with two declining bear market waves. Overlaying this model onto Bitcoin suggests:
Wave 1: the first bull market wave 2010-2013 (1219 days), followed by; Wave 2: the first bear market wave 2013-2015 (426 days), followed by; Wave 3: the second bull market wave 2015-2018 (1065 days), followed by; Wave 4: the second bear market wave 2018-2019 (363 days), followed by; Wave 5: the third and final bull market wave 2019-? 
The five aforementioned have been considered as PRIMARY degree waves —such waves elapse the course of a few months to a couple of years.
Timewise, the first two bull markets (Waves 1 and 3) elapsed 1142 days on average; and, the first two bear markets (Waves 2 and 4) elapsed 395 days on average. Bull markets have lasted almost three times longer than bear markets. Thus, an intuitive linear projection would propose the current third and final bull market (Wave 5) to complete by the year 2022 or earlier. However, since the current fifth and final Eggiott Wave is by typical definition only required to revisit or just exceed the high of the third wave, it may suggest the current bull market may be comparatively contracted in price and time.
The first Bitcoin halving occurred on 28-NOV-2012, approx midway through the first bull market. The second Bitcoin halving occurred on 09-JUL-2016, approx midway through the second bull market. The third Bitcoin halving is tentatively scheduled for 21-MAY-2020, perhaps midway through the third and final bull market or at the end?
A common wave relationship guides the price of the fifth and final wave to be equal to, or extend a Fibonacci 1.618 times the length from the low of the first wave through to the high of third wave, projected from the low of the fourth wave. This provides a conservative target of the current bull market to conclude between $22912 and $35127 calculated using the BraveNewCoin (BNC:BLX) index…
@22912: PRIMARY[5] = (PRIMARY[1] + PRIMARY[3]) * 1 @35127: PRIMARY[5] = (PRIMARY[1] + PRIMARY[3]) * 1.618 
Projected from the 15-DEC-2018 low, the aforementioned conservative price targets are a 630% to 1020% gain, or 825% on average. The average gain alone would be sufficient enough to qualify the current fifth and final PRIMARY[5] wave which would exceed the 2017 high of the third PRIMARY[3] wave, albeit marginally.
However, for the popular altcoins like LTC and ETH, an 825% gain projected from their 2018 lows would only retrace half of their respective bear markets. Even a 1000% gain in LTC and ETH would fail to match their 2017 all-time highs. Furthermore, there are altcoins such as LTC where the 2018 bear market low overlapped the high of their respective 2013 bull markets highs. Such a price overlap negates an impulsive wave structure, and thus would suggest a corrective wave structure as follows (indicative of price/structure, not time):
The short to medium term wave structure of Bitcoin thus far appears to be impulsively advancing from the orthodox 06-FEB-2019 bear market low, with maximum pullbacks at 11% on average. Four waves seem to have completed which have been classified as MINUTE degree —waves of such degree elapse from a few days to a week:
24-FEB: MINUTE[i] 27-FEB: MINUTE[ii] 10-APR: MINUTE[iii] 15-APR: MINUTE[iv] 
The third MINUTE degree wave which completed on 10-APR, itself subdivided into five smaller impulsive waves classified as MINUETTE degree waves. A decline below the low of 15-APR would suggest MINUTE[iv] pullback is still in progress which ought to find support at the low of 04-APR. Otherwise however, it appears the final MINUTE[v] degree wave appears to be currently underway. Once MINUTE[v] completes, the first MINOR degree wave of the bull market will have completed, and the first largest pullback of the bull market will commence —perhaps an approx 30% decline. At this point in time, price will be required to decline to the 24-FEB high to terminate the proposed wave structure, and quite possibly the bull market. The degree of wave labeling is currently tentative and subject to revision (i.e. may be either upgraded or downgraded in degree); however, the waves remain fixed.
BITSTAMP Support Zones: 5198, 4306, 3322, 2713, 2221 BITSTAMP Resistance Zones: 5898, 6390, 6882/7026, 7491 
Charts are indicative of price/structure, not time.
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November, 2019 Bitcoin has found acceptance under a key average and may see an extended move to the downside.
The top cryptocurrency on Sunday closed below the 50-week moving average. The newfound MA resistance is now seen at $7,238 and bitcoin is currently priced at $7,130 on Bitstamp.
In the past BTC has suffered deeper losses following a violation of the 50-week MA, according to popular fundamental and technical analyst Nunya Bizniz.
In May 2018, for instance, bitcoin fell below the 50-week MA at $7,619 and remained below the average for 12 months. By December 2018 the price was near $3,100 .
Before that, the drop below the crucial average support at $535 in August 2014 was followed by a deeper sell-off to $152 by January 2015.
It could be different this time, of course, as markets may put a bid under the cryptocurrency ahead of the reward halving due in six months.
The reward granted to Bitcoin miners for adding a block to the blockchain will be reduced from the current 12.5 BTC, down to 6.25 BTC following the halving. In the past, the cryptocurrency has put on a good show in the months leading up to the event. Note that the process is repeated every four years. BTC: Price: $7,050 | Market cap: $129.27 Billion | 24-Hr Volume: $25.50 Billion
Trend: Bearish Bitcoin has bounced from six-month lows near $6,500 reached on Monday and needs to rise further by more than $1,000 over the next three days to confirm invalidate bearish pressure, according to popular analyst Willy Woo.
A quick move above $8,300 looks unlikely, however, since markets seldom witness a V-shaped recovery. This is because investors battered during the bear market tend to wait on the sidelines and re-enter market only after the asset shows signs of bottoming out.
Also, short-term technical indicators continue to report bearish conditions. Notably, the 5- and 10-day averages continue to trend south and will likely cap corrective rallies.
All-in-all, bitcoin is likely to trade in the range of $7,500 to $6,500 for the next few days.
Long-term trend: Neutral
BTC's failure to repeat history by picking a strong bid six months ahead of the reward halving has neutralized the bullish outlook.
That said, the recent slide is viewed as a buying opportunity by prominent analysts like Joseph Young and Josh Rager.
A bullish reversal would be confirmed if and when BTC breaks higher from the five-month falling channel. MATIC On A Major Rise MATIC: Price: $0.020 | MCAP: $54.8 million | 24-Hr Volume: $63.3 million
Short-term trend: Overbought MATIC continues to rise, up 32 percent on the day, according to data provided by Messari.
The rise can likely be attributed to the announcements onov. 18 of an upcoming "action-packed arcade-style racing game" housed in the decentraland metaverse.
Market conditions have hit overbought territory, illustrated by the daily RSI above 70, so expect some profit taking from savvy traders in the short-term, with a pullback to $0.018 (prior resistance). Long-term trend: Bull potential
MATIC has broken its long-term downtrend courtesy of Nov. 25's rise above $0.018, on the back of strong volume that resembles a reversal profile. Caution is warranted however, as a retest and then bounce from the area mentioned above is required for a continuation. Disclaimer: The information presented in this message is intended as a news item that provides a brief summary of various events and developments that affect, or that might in the future affect, the value of one or more of the cryptocurrencies described above. The information contained in this message, and any information liked through the items contained herein, is not intended to provide sufficient information to form the basis for an investment decision. The information presented herein is accurate only as of its date, and it was not prepared by a research analyst or other investment professional. You should seek additional information regarding the merits and risks of investing in any cryptocurrency before deciding to purchase or sell any such instruments.
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2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Bull Market…?

05-APR-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Bull Market…?
20-APR-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Easter Update
12-MAY-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Sell In May And Go Away?
17-JUN-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Solstice Update
28-JUL-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Inflection Point
26-OCT-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Trick or Treat…?
24-NOV-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Thanksgiving Update
24-DEC-2019 Cryptocurrency (Elliott Wave): Christmas Update
The 2018 cryptocurrency crash saw Bitcoin decline 85% in value, elapsing the course of 363 days —just two days shy of a complete year. The all-time high occurred on 17-DEC-2017, and a notable low occurred on 15-DEC-2018.
The bear market of 2018 unfolded in three stages:
Overall, these three stages form a complex A-B-C composite structure, as the following chart illustrates:
As each stage of the 2018 bear market unfolded, bounces became diminishing in size. The following lists notable price advances that occurred whilst price action was rangebound in a sideways triangle during the second stage:
—06-FEB to 20-FEB, a 99% advance.
—01-APR to 05-MAY, a 55% advance.
—29-JUN to 24-JUL, a 47% advance.
Subsequent bounces during the third stage of the bear market, from 24-JUL-2018 to 15-DEC-2018, have been less than 27% in size.
From the 15-DEC-2018 low, Bitcoin has thus far rebounded 70% —the second largest advance since the 2017 all-time high. In addition, although not conclusive yet, price action appears to be advancing in impulsive waves. Hence, there is a preliminary cautious opportunity to suggest a new cryptocurrency bull market may be underway.
From an Elliott Wave perspective, a new bull may likely suggest the following two abstract scenarios, 'simple' and 'complex':
New all-time highs would suggest a simple scenario, where five Primary degree waves complete beyond the 17-DEC-2017 high; i.e. Primary-1 completed at the 2013 high, Primary-2 completed at the 2015 low, Primary-3 completed at the 2017 high, Primary-4 completed at the 2018 low, Primary-5 currently underway.
A failure of the bull market to create new all-time highs would suggest a complex scenario. Such a scenario would propose a cyclical (i.e. short-term) bull market, in an overall ongoing deflationary secular (i.e. long-term) bear market. The 2018 low would be labelled as Primary-W, the current potential 2019 bull market as Primary-X, followed by the resumption of the secular bear market labelled as Primary-Y to break below the 2018 low. Complex composite wave structures are often behaviours of commodity and currency markets.
At present, the simple scenario has been adopted until further development of wave structure.
BITSTAMP Support Zones: 4306, 3322, 2713, 2221
BITSTAMP Resistance Zones: 5198, 5898, 6390, 6882/7026, 7491
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DNSBL is currently not blocking anything after recent pfsense update

I do not know if there was any update on the pfblockerng-devel package recently, as I just updated pfsense when I saw that it was available. After this update, DNSBL is not showing anything in the reports tab for blocks. The IP blocklists are working correctly, and when it reloads, it shows that unbound resolver, as well as the blocklists in DNSBL are loaded correctly. I do not know what could have caused this, and if I will have to re-install all of Pfsense to get it to work again. I have already tried to uninstall(while not keeping any previous settings), and then re-installing while re-doing all of the feeds in DNSBL.

TOP1M Final

33 33 1 0 0 32
[ Wally3kpersonal ] Reload [ 05/25/19 16:31:55 ] . completed .. Whitelist: analytics.ff.avast.com|analytics.plex.tv|app.adjust.com|content.tapjoy.com|gfe.nvidia.com|gfwsl.geforce.com|gstaticadssl.l.google.com|ip-info.ff.avast.com|ipm-provider.ff.avast.com|open.oneplus.net|placements.tapjoy.com|reports.crashlytics.com|rpc.tapjoy.com|settings.crashlytics.com|v7event.stats.avast.com|www-googletagmanager.l.google.com|
Orig. Unique # Dups # White # TOP1M Final
740 734 697 16 0 21
[ NewPihole_custom ] Reload [ 05/25/19 16:31:58 ] No Domains Found! Ensure only domain based Feeds are used for DNSBL!
[ Samsungblocks_custom ] Reload.
Orig. Unique # Dups # White # TOP1M Final
31 29 26 0 0 3
Saving DNSBL database... completed
Assembling DNSBL database... completed [ 05/25/19 16:32:07 ] Reloading Unbound Resolver..... completed [ 05/25/19 16:32:27 ]

DNSBL update [ 1654237 | PASSED ]... completed [ 05/25/19 16:32:28 ]

===[ GeoIP Process ]============================================
===[ IPv4 Process ]=================================================
[ Whitelist_custom_v4 ] exists. [ Abuse_DYRE_v4 ] Downloading update .. 404 Not Found
[ pfB_PRI1_v4 - Abuse_DYRE_v4 ] Download FAIL [ 05/25/19 16:32:29 ] Firewall and/or IDS (Legacy mode only) are not blocking download.
The Following List has been REMOVED [ Abuse_DYRE_v4 ]
[ Abuse_Feodo_C2_v4 ] exists. [ Abuse_IPBL_v4 ] exists. [ CINS_army_v4 ] exists. [ ET_Block_v4 ] exists. [ ET_Comp_v4 ] exists. [ Talos_BL_v4 ] Downloading update .. 403 Forbidden
[ pfB_PRI1_v4 - Talos_BL_v4 ] Download FAIL Firewall and/or IDS (Legacy mode only) are not blocking download.
The Following List has been REMOVED [ Talos_BL_v4 ]
[ Abuse_CW_PS_v4 ] exists. [ Abuse_LY_PS_v4 ] exists. [ BotScout_v4 ] exists. [ MDL_v4 ] exists. [ SFS_Toxic_v4 ] exists. [ CoinBlocker_v4 ] Downloading update .. 404 Not Found
[ pfB_PRI4_v4 - CoinBlocker_v4 ] Download FAIL [ 05/25/19 16:32:30 ] Firewall and/or IDS (Legacy mode only) are not blocking download.
The Following List has been REMOVED [ CoinBlocker_v4 ]
[ HoneyPot_IPs_v4 ] exists. [ Malc0de_v4 ] exists. [ Improware_v4 ] exists. [ LB_BL_v4 ] Downloading update . cURL Error: 28 Connection timed out after 15018 milliseconds Retry in 5 seconds... . cURL Error: 28 Connection timed out after 15002 milliseconds Retry in 5 seconds... . cURL Error: 28 Connection timed out after 15003 milliseconds Retry in 5 seconds... .. unknown http status code | 0
[ pfB_MAIL_v4 - LB_BL_v4 ] Download FAIL [ 05/25/19 16:33:30 ] Firewall and/or IDS (Legacy mode only) are not blocking download.
The Following List has been REMOVED [ LB_BL_v4 ]
[ Nix_Spam_v4 ] exists. [ SpamCop_SC_v4 ] exists. [ Toastedspam_v4 ] exists. [ DNSBLIP_v4 ] Downloading update .. completed ..
Reputation (Max=50) - Range(s) 185.244.25.|37.9.55.|146.185.236.|146.185.238.|64.154.80.|
Reputation -Max Stats
Blacklisted Match Ranges IPs Ranges IPs
5 877 0 0
Original Master Final
14168 12832 12832 [ Pass ]
===[ Reputation - pMax ]======================================
Querying for repeat offenders ( pMax=50 ) [ 05/25/19 16:33:31 ] Reputation -pMax ( None )
===[ Reputation - dMax ]======================================
Querying for repeat offenders ( dMax=20 ) [ 05/25/19 16:33:31 ] Classifying repeat offenders by GeoIP Processing [ Block ] IPs Removing [ Block ] IPs
Removed the following IP ranges: 212.27.35.|216.200.199.|207.246.136.|206.65.183.|209.132.193.|209.132.218.|209.132.220.|205.180.85.|61.135.131.|207.68.178.|204.253.104.|200.221.6.|
Reputation - dMax Stats
Blacklisted Match Ranges IPs Ranges IPs
12 359 0 0
===[ Suppression Stats ]===================================

List Pre Suppress Master

Abuse_Feodo_C2_v4 427 427 42824 Abuse_IPBL_v4 333 333 42824 CINS_army_v4 13730 13730 42824 ET_Block_v4 888 888 42824 ET_Comp_v4 498 498 42824 Abuse_CW_PS_v4 1 1 42824 Abuse_LY_PS_v4 1 1 42824 BotScout_v4 55 55 42824 MDL_v4 968 968 42824 SFS_Toxic_v4 83 83 42824 HoneyPot_IPs_v4 24 24 42824 Malc0de_v4 65 65 42824 Improware_v4 973 973 42824 Nix_Spam_v4 10323 10323 42824 SpamCop_SC_v4 195 195 42824 Toastedspam_v4 1775 1775 42824 DNSBLIP_v4 12485 12485 42824
===[ Aliastables / Rules ]==========================================
No changes to Firewall rules, skipping Filter Reload
Updating: pfB_Whitelist_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_PRI1_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_Abuse_PS_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_PRI3_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_PRI4_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_MAIL_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_DNSBLIP_v4 no changes.
===[ FINAL Processing ]=====================================
[ Original IP count ] [ 76449 ]
[ Final IP Count ] [ 42824 ]
===[ Permit List IP Counts ]=========================
 2 /vadb/pfblockerng/permit/Whitelist_custom_v4.txt 
===[ Deny List IP Counts ]===========================
42824 total 13730 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/CINS_army_v4.txt 12485 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/DNSBLIP_v4.txt 10323 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Nix_Spam_v4.txt 1775 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Toastedspam_v4.txt 973 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Improware_v4.txt 968 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/MDL_v4.txt 888 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/ET_Block_v4.txt 498 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/ET_Comp_v4.txt 427 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Abuse_Feodo_C2_v4.txt 333 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Abuse_IPBL_v4.txt 195 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/SpamCop_SC_v4.txt 83 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/SFS_Toxic_v4.txt 65 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Malc0de_v4.txt 55 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/BotScout_v4.txt 24 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/HoneyPot_IPs_v4.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Abuse_LY_PS_v4.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Abuse_CW_PS_v4.txt
====================[ Empty Lists w/ ]==================
===[ DNSBL Domain/IP Counts ] ===================================
1668405 total 1083648 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/New.txt 370231 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/BBC_DGA.txt 51684 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_urlhaus.txt 35526 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Joewein_base.txt 20185 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/CoinBlocker_All.txt 14305 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MDS.txt 11617 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/adguard.txt 10810 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/SFS_Toxic_BD.txt 10347 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Shallamalware.txt 7616 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_urlhaus_v4.ip 5739 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/CCT_BD.txt 5431 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/SWC.txt 5367 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/adserver.txt 4410 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Shallalist_adv_v4.ip 4140 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Spam404.txt 4036 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Easylist.txt 3300 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Shallalist_adv.txt 3130 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/hpHosts_ATS.txt 2619 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Quidsup_Trackers.txt 2503 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_malware.txt 2009 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_URLBL.txt 1869 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/CCT_BD_v4.ip 1515 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MDS_Immortal.txt 1293 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Cameleon.txt 588 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/EasyPrivacy.txt 560 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_publicite.txt 509 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/CoinBlocker_Opt.txt 493 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_marketingware.txt 456 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MVPS.txt 317 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/ISC_SDL.txt 289 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MDL.txt 280 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/EasyList.txt 267 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_ddos.txt 235 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/D_Me_Malv.txt 205 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_bitcoin.txt 205 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Adaway.txt 129 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_DOMBL.txt 78 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Joewein_base_v4.ip 76 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/BBC_DC2.txt 74 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_publicite_v4.ip 58 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_URLBL_v4.ip 32 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Torrentlocker.txt 31 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/SFS_Toxic_BD_v4.ip 31 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Quidsup_Mal.txt 28 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Joewein_new.txt 26 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/SBL_ADs.txt 25 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_bitcoin_v4.ip 25 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Lockyrw.txt 21 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Wally3kpersonal.txt 15 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Yoyo.txt 5 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/EasyList_v4.ip 5 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/ADs_custom.txt 3 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Samsungblocks_custom.txt 2 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_Zeus_BD.txt 2 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_CW_C2.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_marketingware_v4.ip 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/NoCoin.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MoneroMiner.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Malc0de.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/EasyPrivacy_v4.ip 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/simple.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/malvertising1.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/hosts2.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/dgad.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/coinblockernew.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/adhost.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/adaway.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Windows_hosts_block.fail 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Teslacrypt.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Ransomware1.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/NewPihole_custom.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Malware2.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Malware1.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/H3X_1h.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/D_Me_Tracking.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/D_Me_Malw.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/D_Me_ADs.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Cryptowall1.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_TC_C2.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_C2_custom.txt
====================[ IPv4/6 Last Updated List Summary ]==============
Feb 8 2017 Improware_v4 Feb 21 09:45 MDL_v4 May 23 06:17 Malc0de_v4 May 23 21:29 ET_Comp_v4 May 23 21:37 Whitelist_custom_v4 May 24 23:35 CINS_army_v4 May 24 23:51 BotScout_v4 May 24 23:59 SFS_Toxic_v4 May 25 00:00 Nix_Spam_v4 May 25 00:05 Abuse_LY_PS_v4 May 25 00:05 Abuse_CW_PS_v4 May 25 00:05 Abuse_IPBL_v4 May 25 00:05 Abuse_Feodo_C2_v4 May 25 00:06 Toastedspam_v4 May 25 00:07 ET_Block_v4 May 25 00:07 HoneyPot_IPs_v4 May 25 00:08 SpamCop_SC_v4 May 25 16:33 DNSBLIP_v4
====================[ DNSBL Last Updated List Summary ]==============
Jul 31 2015 D_Me_Tracking Mar 9 2016 simple Mar 9 2016 D_Me_ADs Jan 20 2018 adaway Jan 20 2018 Adaway Mar 18 2018 Cameleon Nov 29 13:50 MDS_Immortal Feb 21 09:45 MDL Apr 15 22:17 Wally3kpersonal May 7 07:51 hpHosts_ATS May 7 07:51 adhost May 8 09:55 MVPS May 14 22:14 SWC May 17 12:21 Malware1 May 17 16:00 Shallamalware May 18 06:31 adguard May 18 06:41 Easylist May 21 06:13 coinblockernew May 21 06:13 CoinBlocker_Opt May 21 06:13 CoinBlocker_All May 22 21:57 Abuse_Zeus_BD May 22 21:58 Spam404 May 22 22:00 Shallalist_adv May 22 22:00 CCT_BD May 22 22:00 H3X_1h May 22 22:00 MoneroMiner May 22 22:00 NoCoin May 22 22:00 Quidsup_Mal May 22 22:00 Quidsup_Trackers May 22 22:01 adserver May 22 22:01 hosts2 May 22 22:01 Malware2 May 23 04:40 Yoyo May 23 06:10 Malc0de May 24 05:07 dgad May 24 05:07 SBL_ADs May 24 13:28 MDS May 24 16:00 New May 24 17:15 BBC_DGA May 24 21:01 Joewein_base May 24 21:04 ISC_SDL May 24 23:12 BBC_DC2 May 24 23:21 malvertising1 May 24 23:21 D_Me_Malw May 24 23:21 D_Me_Malv May 24 23:51 EasyList May 24 23:51 EasyPrivacy May 24 23:59 SFS_Toxic_BD May 25 00:00 Torrentlocker May 25 00:00 Lockyrw May 25 00:00 Cryptowall1 May 25 00:00 Abuse_URLBL May 25 00:00 Abuse_DOMBL May 25 00:00 Abuse_CW_C2 May 25 00:00 Abuse_urlhaus May 25 00:00 Joewein_new May 25 00:05 Teslacrypt May 25 00:05 Abuse_TC_C2 May 25 00:05 Ransomware1 May 25 14:12 UT1_bitcoin May 25 14:12 UT1_ddos May 25 14:12 UT1_malware May 25 14:12 UT1_marketingware May 25 14:12 UT1_publicite May 25 16:30 Abuse_C2_custom May 25 16:30 ADs_custom May 25 16:31 NewPihole_custom

May 25 16:31 Samsungblocks_custom

Database Sanity check [ PASSED ]

Masterfile/Deny folder uniq check Deny foldeMasterfile uniq check

Sync check (Pass=No IPs reported)

Alias table IP Counts

42826 total 15876 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_PRI1_v4.txt 13266 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_MAIL_v4.txt 12485 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_DNSBLIP_v4.txt 1106 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_PRI3_v4.txt 89 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_PRI4_v4.txt 2 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_Whitelist_v4.txt 2 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_Abuse_PS_v4.txt

pfSense Table Stats

table-entries hard limit 400000 Table Usage Count 154505
UPDATE PROCESS ENDED [ 05/25/19 16:33:33 ]
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Thapki Pyar Ki - 27th November 2015 - थपकी प्यार की - Full ... The Bitcoin Gospel - VPRO documentary - YouTube Is Bitcoin the Future of Money? Peter Schiff vs. Erik ... Elijah (November 27, 2015) - YouTube

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Thapki Pyar Ki - 27th November 2015 - थपकी प्यार की - Full ...

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